The Search For The Best Pumpkin Pie


Fall is an amazing season that brings leaves changing colors, cozy sweaters, apple cider, and best of all pumpkins. There are so many pumpkin options, from pumpkin carving to pumpkin flavored everything (including the best fall drink in the world: the PSL) to the most iconic fall treat: pumpkin pie.

I took on the hard job of eating and rating pie so you can just enjoy it. I first researched the best places to go, then I went to see for myself. As a devoted pie lover, I was ready. I brought two friends to help judge, one a pumpkin pie virgin and the other extremely impartial as she solely cares about pecan pie. We created three categories: crust, flavor, and texture, each category was rated out of 10.

The first place we went to was: Hill Country Chicken

1123 Broadway (Corner of 25th)

New York, NY 10010



Crust: 8/10, The crust had a nice buttery flavor, but it was a little too hard.

Flavor: 9/10, There was a delicious, strong cinnamon flavor mixed in with the pumpkin and as a bonus, great vanilla bean whipped cream.

Texture: 9/10, The pie was the perfect balance of dense and smooth.

Overall: 26/30, The pie came in a small tin perfect for one person and at Hill Country Chicken they will turn any pie of your choice into a pie shake!


The second place we went to was: Petee’s Pie Company

61 Delancey St

New York, NY 10002



Crust: 8/10, This crust was buttery and super flaky, but the bottom was very soft, so it was hard to tell where the pie ended and crust began.

Flavor: 8/10, A rich creamy pumpkin flavor.

Texture: 6/10, The creaminess of the pie made the texture extremely soft and lacking substance.

Overall: 22/30, This was a classic Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, if you do go to Petee’s Pie Company the honey pecan pie is a must have.


The third place we went to was: Bubby’s

73 Gansevoort St

NY, NY 10014



Crust: 5/10, The crust was too dense and had no flakiness.

Flavor: 6/10, There was a lot of different flavors happening at the same time, this pie had the best pumpkin flavor but it was hidden underneath the caramel, pecans, and pecan drizzle.

Texture: 7/10, Smooth and soft but not too mushy.

Overall: 18/30, This pie had many drizzles and toppings that were slightly overwhelming. If you are a fan of caramel and pecan flavors this is the way to go.


This search made me realize I’m not actually a huge fan of pumpkin pie. I want to love it, but I just don’t. So, for Thanksgiving this year… bring on the apple!