Sam Smith's 'Thrill Of It All' Has It All




Sam Smith’s new album, The Thrill of it All


If you haven’t heard the album yet, please stop reading this article, do yourself the favor, and listen. I mean just look at the cover… he’s gorgeous. Ever since the album dropped, it’s all I ever listen to. Seriously ask my roommates, it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s been three years since Sam’s last album, In The Lonely Hour and although the wait was hard, Sam made it well worth it.

It’s no secret that Sam has the voice of an angel and can bring chills to your entire body with one word. But, what’s even more compelling is that Smith writes all of his music. This album, in particular, is so personal. To me, The Thrill of it All has it all. It’s heartbreaking, empowering, stunning, and at times groovy. The songs hold so much meaning without it being thrown in your face.

The songs “Too Good at Goodbyes”, “HIM”, “Scars”, and “Nothing Left For You” will completely crush your heart. While the songs, “Baby, You Make Me Crazy”, “No Peace”, and “One Last Song” are of course still emotional, just more upbeat. My personal favorite is the song “Burning.” First, because I think the lyrics are genius. Second, because he sings them so effortlessly but still so passionately. Each song says something so different, but somehow are collectively one. I believe everyone can—and should—connect and appreciate the beauty of this album and Sam Smith’s art.