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A Rockette Christmas





As I walked up to the ginormous illuminated sign reading “Radio City Music Hall,” I felt like a kid again. It’s always been on my bucket list to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, so you can imagine my excitement. My roomies and I wanted to get in the Christmas spirit, so we decided to make the show a fun girls night. With the pressures of college, especially finals, I feel like I’ve completely forgotten it’s Christmas altogether. The Radio City show definitely turned that around for me; it incorporated every aspect of Christmas I know and love. It had Santa (many, many Santas), The Christmas Story, and even a part about The Nutcracker!

As a dancer, I of course LOVED the Rockettes. It was so exciting for me to watch them dance live, after watching so many videos of their performances.



And yes–the toy soldier number was even cooler in person. I appreciate how timeless the Rockettes are, and yet, how they still manage to entertain current generations. The show will always resemble past years, but still have fun, new changes. The tradition of the show reminds me of the many traditions associated with Christmas. We each have those traditions, whether it be baking cookies or admiring lights around the city that we do and will always do every holiday season. Although these traditions will never be exactly the same as the year before, we continue to do them because they connect us to the people and memories we love most. To me, this relates to Radio City in the sense that the performers and storyline may change, but the feeling of the show will always stay the same!

Because of my Rockette friend, Jordan, we got to go backstage and get inside scoop on the show… we even got a picture with a camel.


The ultimate hump day post am i right?!?

There’s so much behind the scenes, you don’t realize is happening. At times, the Rockettes have less than two minutes to change into costume and have personal dressers. Crazy, huh? Since the stage is so massive, the backstage space is limited, therefore all the scenes and prop have to hang from the ceiling.

Overall, I was just so memorized by the production. It was simply magical! From the performers, to the costumes to the light projections consuming the entire orchestra, to the LIVE animals in the nativity scene, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will sure put anyone in Christmas spirit. And now, I think I finally know what I want for Christmas–to be a Rockette!!!

Hi I'm Nancy Donnes, I'm currently a BFA Dance and Digital Journalism Major at Marymount Manhattan College. A few of my favorite things are iced coffee, lulu lemon, and laughter. IG: @nancy_donnes