Reasons To Be Pumped for Summer

    I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for summer! I’m ready to pack away my sweaters, coats, and boots once and for all, and embrace everything the warmer months have to offer. This time of year there are plenty of things to get excited for! Here are a few things you can look forward to:


  • Flowers blooming (the cherry blossoms have already started blooming here!) 🌸

  • The warm weather 🌅

  • A major wardrobe change (say goodbye to your sweaters and heavy layers ‘til fall 👋)

  • No school!! (Unless you’re like me and taking a summer class, even then it’s one class compared to 4-5!) 📚

  • The special spring/summer events that go on in the city/your hometown

  • The sun setting later

  • Trips to the beach 🌾

  • Getting to be outside as much as possible 🍃

  • Enjoying iced beverages (coffee, tea, smoothies, etc.) without being cold 🍹

  • Going to the boardwalk & getting to go on the rides 🎢

  • Ice cream (available year round, but extra special this time of year!🍦)

  • Boat rides ⛵

  • Having time to read 📖

  • Sunshine! 🌞

  • Getting tan (or just some fresh cheek color)

  • In-season fruits

  • Good, happy, relaxed vibes all around :)


    These are a few things to get you pumped for summer! Congratulations on making it through the semester, now enjoy your summer ladies!