'A Quiet Place Pt II' and Its Delayed Release: The Anticipation Is Real

A Quiet Place came out in April of 2018 and I specifically remember going to the movie theater with 3 other friends over spring break to see it. Before this, I had never really had a real experience with a horror movie, so I was pretty scared. I had heard that the movie had a ton of jump scares and me being me, a huge scaredy cat that jumps at anything to startle me, I was pretty worried. 

As the movie progressed, I was thoroughly freaked out but also on the edge of my seat. I am one of those people during a movie to “talk” to the movie, saying things like “No don’t go in there!” or “Oh my god! What the heck!!!!” My friends were invested in the movie like me, but maybe not as invested. I was told to shush a few times (whoops!) and when something big would happen, I would yelp. The movie was just so well executed and I really enjoyed it. The scenes made you feel the right amount of suspense and worry for the next scene or how a character would react. The paranoia that the characters were feeling was so evident and the audience definitely felt it too. How the movie ended really got me. Neither me or my friends saw what was coming and we just couldn’t believe it. For my first real horror movie experience, I am so glad I saw A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Pt. II was set to release into theaters in the US on March 20th, but John Krasinski, being the screenplay writer of the two movies, and also a star of the movie, recently posted on Instagram that he has decided to postpone the release due to the coronavirus pandemic. He doesn’t want everyone to gather together in a theater to watch the movie, but have the fear of the virus in their heads instead of fear from the movie. The experience would be depleted. 

Ever since watching the first movie, I’ve been so excited and anxious to see Pt II, and although the initial release is postponed and the anticipation has to continue, I fully respect and appreciate John’s decision, and I know all of the other fans of the franchise are as well. Now to wait for this pandemic to start to subside and when it does, I can’t wait to see the movie upon its initial release.