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PLL Premiere Recap And Thoughts

After months of patiently waiting – or more accurately, complaining, rewatching episodes, and devising intricate theories to make sense of the mess that is Rosewood, PA – our favorite Pretty Little Liars have finally returned to our screens.

While the hype and anticipation of this season led to promises of wrapping up the series’ many unanswered questions, I’m not sure if any of us were expecting the literal gift, adorned with a big red bow none the less, given to the Liars at the beginning of the season premiere. Inside, we finally get an idea of the show’s “end game”; a Jumanji-reminiscent board game replicating Rosewood and the Liars. So, the #PLLEndGame is an actual game and finally, there seems to be a straight forward approach as to how we’ll be getting our closure by the end of the season. But of course, knowing our Liars they agree not to play and the episode ensues with its typical drama, seemingly adding more questions to our list of “things that need to be answered.”

Later, we discover the crazy truth about Spencer’s past thanks to Mama Hastings (if we can even still call her that), which prompts Spencer to start playing the game; a truth or dare type situation that results in some beautiful on screen Spoby time, so no complaints here. Speaking of Spoby, things are a little complicated for most of our favorite OG couples. It’s a confusing time for Ezria right now, mostly due the resurgence of an irrelevant ex – make that two now with Aria’s childhood friend/fake ex is helping to plan her wedding. Haleb, however is going strong and Hanna is designing dresses now, while Alison is just as dependent on Emily as ever which I’m sure will only lead to more tension between them now that Alison, Emily, and Paige are all working together at Rosewood High.

A lot of things happened in this season premiere, but after waiting nine months I’d expect nothing less. Hopefully the Liars will commit to the game (not like they have much of a choice at this point) in the upcoming episodes and we’ll finally get some more pieces to add to the puzzle – ok, another very literal pun here but seriously, I need answers. 

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