The Perks Of Going To School In NYC


There are millions of reasons why I chose to go to school in New York City and let me tell you, so far, I’ve been completely right about all of them. This city will not disappoint you if you know what you want from it and are ready to go after it. Here are just a few of the perks of going to college in NYC.


1. Field Trips

Oh the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Yeah it’s nice, everyone’s been there a million times. Students here are are completely spoiled because going to some of the greatest museums in the world is a normal everyday thing for them. Before coming here, I had been to the Met maybe twice and now within a matter of months I’ve also gone to the MoMa and The Museum at FIT. There are people who go their whole lives without ever going to the Met and students out here act like it’s nbd. Crazy.  


2. Whatever You’re Studying, It’s Here

New York has the best of the best no matter what you’re looking for. Theatre major? Well we have Broadway. Studying fashion? New York Fashion Week takes place twice a year. No matter what your passion is, you’ll find it here. Everything exists in NYC. Everything.


3. Central Park

Another place I had only been to a few times before but now it’s part of my neighborhood (!!!). Having a huge park that you can walk to whenever you want is a major perk of going to school here. Sure, all colleges have a quad but this is Central Park were talking about here. Going to the park quickly becomes part of a student's daily routine here and it's beautiful no matter the season.


4. City Life

Do you realize that going to school in NYC is a great excuse to move here?! Going to a city school means that the city is your campus which means that you can go out and explore everything it has to offer. You’ll find yourself randomly going to events like concerts at the Today Show and often find yourself in the middle of Times Square just because that’s where the closest Forever 21 and AMC is. Again, it’s casual.


5. Just Living Here in General

Being a student in NYC is really cool because you’ll be watching a movie with your roommates and be like “Hey! We live there!” it really never gets old seeing your city in so many movies. Plus, having your very own piece of the big apple is pretty amazing no matter how small your dorm is. Every student here has had that moment where they woke up the morning after move-in day and said to themselves “I just woke up in NYC, am I still dreaming?”. Yeah it’s kinda amazing.


Going to college in the city isn’t everyone’s dream and some may even come here and decide they don’t like it but even so, the perks are endless and personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, once you graduate you can be annoying and brag to everyone you meet about how you went to school in the city :) .