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The Perks of Being a #CampusTrendsetter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.


A few months into my first year of being in Her Campus, I came across Campus Trendsetters on HerCampus.com and decided to apply. I thought that in addition to being in the Chapter Network, it could add to my Her Campus experience making it even better. And it certainly has, the program has grown immensely since then, and I’m so glad I got into it when I did. Because new members are constantly joining the group, I thought I’d share what being a Trendsetter is all about and encourage applications!   

The Program:  

With the title of a Campus Trendsetter comes opportunities to work directly with the Her Campus Media team and its partners. Trendsetters participate in brand strategy campaigns involving all things beauty, fashion, entertainment, and more. Plus, they’re the first to know about Her Campus initiatives. Not only is it a resume builder, but it’s also given me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women within the Trendsetter community and be in-the-know about upcoming Her Campus events including Her Conference and College Fashion Week.   

How it Works:

Trendsetters earn points when applying to opportunities and receive additional points after completing a campaign. Members participate in as many or as little programs as they want, so it is what you make it! Opportunities are announced via email, and there’s always the very welcoming Campus Trendsetters Facebook group to help out with questions, collaborations, or just following and supporting each other’s content. “Cheat Sheets” are provided with details of coverage requirements and due dates with plenty of flexibility in terms of personal style and creativity. Plus, feedback is always welcome when filling out submission forms to ensure participants enjoy the experience. I’ve done campaigns for brands such as Neutrogena, VS Pink, and Freeman Beauty. This year there was also a Campus Trendsetters Back to School Care Package Opportunity!  

The Perks: 

So why join Campus Trendsetters? It’s a community of hard-working, inspiring, and fashion-forward young women who support each other not only with Her Campus endeavors, but also by sharing opportunities and advice with one another to help navigate collegiette life. As a trendsetter, I get to refine my blogging and social media skills all while being more involved with Her Campus National and expressing my love for fashion and beauty. Not to mention the perks! I’ve received enough free products to share with my friends and still have a stockpile of mascara and face masks.   

Campus Trendsetters means that I always have something exciting to look forward to, whether that be a new campaign, a product shoot, a shipment of beauty goodies, or seeing what other members are up to. Be sure to checkout #campustrendsetters on Instagram to find inspo and see what we’re working on. 


Ready to be a trendsetter? apply here:   https://hercampus.wufoo.com/forms/mnfxalo0kahkxg/   


Studying Fashion Marketing and Digital Journalism at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC in hopes of one day becoming a big time magazine editor.