Own Your Everyday

I feel like I’ve always been a pretty positive person. I try (key word being try) to stay optimistic and be happy! As a kid, I always thought that being sad, upset, or even angry was bad. No one told me that, I just put it on myself. As I got older, I would continuously beat myself up if I was having a bad day, or not 110% full of joy. Well, now here I am- 19 years old and I have come to realize something. It’s totally okay to have bad days. Honestly, it’s good to have them! It’s alright to be upset. It’s alright to feel as if life is extremely hectic and you’re a hot mess most of the time. Because you know what? Life is about growing. It’s about doing the hard to get what you want. 

A book called Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley is proof of this realization that I had. The entire book is about overcoming the pressure to prove and learning to show up for what we were made to do. My favorite quote from the book states, “Yes, sister, I hope you do big things and go after your wildest dreams. But guess what? You cannot do the big, cool things until you learn to show up for the not-so-cool, everyday things. There is no way around that.”

Everyday life presents each of us with our own fair share of challenges. For me, living in New York City is magical and a dream come true, but it’s also hard work and trying at times. Some days I feel like the city chews me up and spits me back out. Honestly. It sounds dramatic, but it is a way of life that is a continuous adjustment. There are days where I am running and almost miss my train, days I carry my heavy groceries for blocks in the pouring rain, and even days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed. It’s life, and we are all living it. 

In Own Your Everyday, Jordan shares her own personal experiences of learning to embrace uncertainty, find purpose in life, and relying on her religious beliefs in a relatable way. It is said to be “the girlfriend’s guide to a purpose driven life.” The book inspires readers to overcome disappointment, perfectionism, distraction, and even comparison. It encourages others to enjoy the journey rather than be miserable until you reach the finish line. 

I highly recommend reading this book if you are seeking more inspiration to keep pushing forward through busy days or if you are in a stage of life that feels unsettling. If you need an extra piece of encouragement, Jordan Lee Dooley is your girl. Pick up a copy of Own Your Everyday on Amazon, Target, or wherever else you find yourself buying a book. Join in the girl gang that is learning to embrace uncertainty, appreciate the hard days, and own their everyday. Each day might not be good, but there is definetly something good in each day!