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GQ announced its feature story about Timothee Chalamet for November’s issue back in the middle of October on Instagram, prompting Timothee to post the photos from the photoshoot on his Instagram, as well as a picture of the cover to look out for when it would hit shelves at the end of October. 

In his long-form interview, Chalamet speaks of how he’s humbled and grateful to have found fame and superstardom “instantaneously”, and of how he has been growing and learning from his fellow peers and the world around him. He speaks candidly as well on how he has been finding himself throughout this fast-paced lifestyle that he leads. “I’m confident in the way I’m trying to approach things now, how I’m setting up the angles,” Timothee Chalamet acknowledged in 2020. With various critically acclaimed movies such as Call Me By Your Name directed by Luca Guadagnino, and two movies, Lady Bird and Little Women directed by Greta Gerwig, and Beautiful Boy directed by Felix Van Groeningen, under his belt, he has not only become a widely sought after actor, if not the widest sought after actor, of his generation, but he has quickly become a complete heartthrob to millions all over the globe. 

His dashing charm and awe-inspiring talent have opened his world to so many possibilities, but not without some challenges. Timothee speaks in-depth about how his life isn’t always what it seems to those on the outside. The day after The 2018 Oscars, his life wasn’t easy. After 30 long months of making 4 amazing movies and traveling back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles for awards shows, his days in the spotlight had dimmed. He had no money, no apartment, nothing. So he decided to do what any actor without work for a little while would do: put all of their time and energy into learning his lines for his next job, which so happened to be The King, directed by David Michod. It was his first job after his rise to fame, and he could not have been more excited. And from there, his fast-paced lifestyle was up and running once again. From The King to Little Women, to The French Dispatch and Dune, these past two years have been nothing short of exciting and busy for him. The main setting for this interview was Woodstock, but more specifically the Airbnb that he stayed in had a wall dedicated to Bob Dylan. His albums that he had recorded while he had spent time in Woodstock in the ’60s adorned the wall and Timothee continuously relished upon it. Chalamet is set to play Bob Dylan in the biopic, Going Electric, so him staying in that Airbnb in the summer of 2020 could not have been more serendipitous. There is no set time for when Going Electric will start filming, but I am very excited to see it when it eventually comes out! 

In April of this year, Timothee was set to make his West End London stage debut in the off-Broadway show, 4,000 Miles, for a seven-week run, until COVID-19 shut everything down in March. As of right now, it has been postponed and I for one would love to see this show when it starts its run. Even though Covid has disrupted many filming schedules, this hasn’t slowed him down. Taking appropriate safety and health precautions, he went to Hungary earlier in the fall to finish extended filming for Dune, now slated to be released in October 2021, and this month, he will begin filming for the Netflix comedy Don’t Look Up, starring many other A-list actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep, also slated to be released in 2021. With The French Dispatch and Dune now set to be released next year, this will sadly be the first year since 2013 that we won’t be graced with seeing the fantastic Timothee Chalamet on the silver screen. 

This GQ feature of him was so well written and it was fascinating to get a clear glimpse into his life and how he feels about everything he has been through, goes through, and how he is excited for what is yet to come. Timothee Chalamet has been one of my favorite actors for a few years now, and this feature just made me so happy to see that he thinks he is doing well in life and his career. “I want to get back to the undefined space again. I’m chasing a feeling” – Timothee Chalamet 2020. 


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