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Nine Netflix Crime Shows That Deserve a Thumbs Up

If you are a crime show enthusiast who binge watches Netflix religiously like I do, then keep reading. Down below are my top-rated (no particular order) crime tv shows that I have binged watched over the years. Some have three seasons while others have fifteen. It’s called balance.


My favorite country cowboy, Sheriff Longmire.


Will Sergeant David Budd save the train loads of people from a terrorist, risk his own life on multiple occasions to protect the Home Secretary all while seeking revenge on the government for whom he works for? I guess you will have to watch to find out.

Blue Bloods

Ten seasons of Brooklyn residents finest law enforcement family working on the most challenging cases in every borough.


Nick Jonas’ wife stars in this show, so you have to watch it.


A lot of tears were shed on my laptop during my journey of fifteen seasons.

How to Get Away with Murder

The length that someone would go to cover up a murder or protect someone else’s secret is beyond me.

The Blacklist

This show is fascinating because the crimes that occur are all dangerously scientifically advanced experiments, that are meant to kill as few as one or large enough to wipe out entire populations.


If you are ready to feel sympathy to an extreme for others, this is a good show to watch.

Criminal Minds

I am currently binge watching this now.

Truth be told, I have been living my life vicariously through detectives, forensic scientists and SWAT characters for years while watching some of my favorite shows. As much as I don’t like experiencing adrenalin, strange noises in the night, and chasing bad boys (unless they are dating material), all these qualities suit me fine in another (brave) life.

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