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Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World

During winter break, I got a very enthusiastic text from one of my roommates asking if I had seen Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World and that it was amazing and I should start it immediately. I wasn’t quite convinced until she continued to rave about the series when we got back from break. So finally, during the first week of classes, I found myself with extra time and a need for something ~different~ to watch. With that said, I watched it all in one day and here’s why you should to.


The characters are truly fascinating.

The main characters James and Alyssa are shockingly refreshing characters with personalities that are both psychotic and compelling at the same time. They both go from being detached from their world to fully agitated within seconds. This dynamic keeps you intrigued and rooting for the characters more and more with each episode. Not to mention, each episode is only 20 minutes so you’ll become attached to them quicker than you think.


It has a really cool overall vibe.

The way the show is stylized, it looks very early 90’s cinema inspired and has edgy and dark overtones. In addition to the plot, characters, and themes, the show keeps you intrigued with it’s provocative and aggravating nature. The whole thing has a strong “no f***s” vibe as would be expected from the title.


It’s themes are relevant and meaningful.

The show isn’t afraid to be very frank about real world problems and even though it deals with heavy topics and is hard to watch at times, that’s why people have so much respect for it. As dark as the show is at times, it’s also heartwarming in ways you wouldn’t expect. Like  when James says “I’ve just turned 18, and I think I understand what people mean to each other” for example.


It’s wild from start to finish.

I don’t want to give the plot away so instead here’s some things my roommate had to say about the show:

“It’s a rollercoaster of emotions”

“It forces you to think about mentally ill people and the creepy parts of people’s minds”

“It toys with everything you will ever think about”


And finally,

“If there’s not a second season I will sue Netflix”  


PSA: you will end up watching it all at once and you will not regret it.



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