National Eating Disorder Awareness Walk


Our Her Campus Chapter participated in the National Eating Disorder Awareness walk in New York City. The NEDA walk goal is to raise awareness and support for people affected by eating disorders. The walk included inspirational speakers, stations to write letters of hope to those in treatment, and informational booths. The walk was a group of people united in understanding the need for attention and resources regarding eating disorders. Some of our members explain their experience at the NEDA walk:


“Being at the NEDA walk was personally very overwhelming for me at first. All the booths and recovery messages were very emotional, and I didn’t know how to take it all in. Once the speakers started, I grew more comfortable because it made me feel I was not alone in this emotional experience. Hearing the mother talking about her daughter's road to recovery was inspiring, and the advice and experiences that the survivors shared were incredibly brave and moving. The walk itself was all around beautiful and positive. We were all connected by shared personal experiences which made the whole walk even more powerful.”

- Cassidy Illum


“The NEDA Walk was such an inspiring and empowering event! It’s great to see people supporting one another and that’s what the walk was all about! The speakers where so passionate and brave to stand up and speak about how NEDA has affected them. It truly was such an amazing event and you could feel the love and support in the atmosphere.”

- Kyra Mattson


“The walk was filled with so much positive energy, support & empowerment, I’m so glad that I was able to go and support this year.”

- Olivia Marrone 


“To me, the NEDA walk means educating others and creating awareness about eating disorders and I think that’s really important because it affects so many people yet it’s something people don’t understand unless it’s happened to them or someone they know. I also think it’s important for survivors to feel empowered and NEDA helps provide that.”

- Hannah Griffee


Eating disorders affect people of all races and genders. Anorexia is the third most chronic disease for young people, right behind type 1 diabetes and asthma. There are at least 30 million people suffering from eating disorders in the US. Someone dies as the result of an eating disorder every 62 minutes, making it the highest death rate of any mental illness. These statistics are devastating, but they can be changed. It is through advocacy, awareness, and funding to provide crucial treatment that we can fight eating disorders. Eating disorders must be taken seriously. Statistically, you probably know someone that is affected by this illness. It's a battle that tears you down physically and mentally. It’s a terrible and complex disease that attacks every aspect of your life, but you can recover. Many of the speakers at the walk shared their experiences and how they have overcome their illness. The walk showed how many people are affected, that there is support out there, and that as a group, we can beat eating disorders.


If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder reach out. I know it is extremely difficult, but recovery is possible and worth it.


For the NEDA helpline call: (800) 931-2237


To get involved visit:


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