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There is nothing like a good romantic comedy when it’s time to cozy up in cold weather. Personally, there are some throwback rom-coms that I always go back to that will undoubtedly cheer me up. Whether it be feeling lonely during cuffing season or you just need a classic movie to watch on a night-in, these are a must see. Here are my top 5 throwback rom-coms.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy that stars Meg Ryan as Sally Albright and Billy Crystal as Harry Burns. Their friendship starts on a car ride from Chicago to New York when they are practically strangers. During this trip, Harry says that men and women can never have a platonic relationship because there will always be an inevitable attraction. Sally disagrees. After this car ride, they part ways. They see each other a couple times briefly but go in separate directions once again. Yet they always end up being in the same place at the same time (both in location and relationship status). When they reconnect for real, they become best friends and navigate the dating world with the help of each other. The story dives into the question if Harry and Sally can really ever be just friends or if there will always be a desire for something more.

Serendipity (2001)

Serendipity is a romantic comedy that stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. One night in New York City,  Jonathan, played by John Cusack, and Sara, played by Kate Beckinsale, meet while reaching for the last pair of gloves at Macy’s during the rush of the holiday season. While Jonathan wishes to become closer with Sara, she tests if them meeting that night was really written in the stars.Years go by and both Sara and Jonathan have moved onto different relationships after that one night spent over ice cream sundaes at Serendipity. However, they still find themselves thinking about each other. Despite their best efforts to find one another, they just keep missing by the slightest bit. Their fate is still being tested. Is there love and connection a result of destiny, or in this case, serendipity?

Definitely- Maybe (2008)

Definitely- Maybe is a romantic-comedy that takes place in Manhattan, starring Ryan Renolds as Will Hayes and Abigail Breslin as Maya Hayes, his daughter. Will and Emily, parents of Maya, are in the midst of a divorce and Maya becomes increasingly and relentlessly curious to know about her dad’s life before marrying her mom. She is also eager to know when they met and how they fell in love with each other. Will finally gives in and recalls the past to his daughter, mentioning his relationships with three women, not giving her their real names. The movie flashbacks in order for the audience to see the romances unfold. Through the story, the daughter along with the audience guesses on which woman he ended up marrying. This reconnection with the past might even bring up romance again in Will’s life. 

Notting Hill (1999)

Notting Hill takes place in London and stars Hugh Grant as William Thacker and Julia Roberts as Anna Scott. William is the owner of an independent bookstore, which is not seeming to keep him satisfied. One day his dreams come true when famous actress, Anna Scott, comes into his shop and buys a book from him. It does not end once she leaves the shop though. When he runs out to get some orange juice, he bumps into her again and spills the juice all over her. This haphazard meeting leads them into a romance…a complicated romance considering they live very different lives. However, can their love overpower their differences in realities?

Along Came Polly (2004) 

Along Came Polly is a romantic comedy that takes place in New York City. It stars Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. It tells the story of a man, Reuben Feffer, who is so cautious and guarded in life because his job as a risk-assessor has taught him the consequences of taking uncalculated risks. But once his wife cheats on him, his best friend, Sandy, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, encourages him to put himself out there. When he bumps into old classmate, Polly Prince, who has the opposite outlook on life as Reuben, things take a turn. He questions if there are some risks worth taking in order to make life fulfilling.

All of these movies explore the possibility of unexpected romance. It brings out the hopeful romantic in me because they all depict how sometimes you have to follow your heart more than your head. I believe that is what we all have to do at sometime or another. So take a night off, get all cozied up and watch one of these iconic rom-coms! They never disappoint!

Hi beautiful people! I’m currently following my dreams as an Acting major at Marymount Manhattan College.
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