My Ideal Valentine's Day Date With Nick Jonas

Another year, another Valentine’s day that I’ll be spending with my gal pals. But, if I did have a boyfriend, and if that boyfriend was pop singer Nick Jonas, you can bet I’d have the day jam packed with ooey gooey love events that would probably make everyone around us sick.


Here’s how the day would go:


9AM: I am obviously skipping all classes and responsibilities to hang out with my one true love Nick Jonas. My makeup and hair is complete with bright blonde curls and a bold red lip, and my outfit reads cute and flirty, like any look on V-Day should.


10:30AM: Nick and I have never meet before. Now this isn’t some pity contest date. I’m imagining we both have a desire for each other, and he actually wants to hang out with me. I get out of the cab, and he meets me at the front entrance of his hotel, wrapping me in what I could only imagine would be the best hug in the entire world. He’s not quite ready yet, so we go up to his hotel room to put the finishing touches on his outfit. (Calm down people, it’s still the morning).


11AM: We leave the hotel and get in his big, black car, and his driver takes us to a hole-in-the-wall brunch place that he found on one of his trips to New York. They have the best blueberry pancakes I have ever had. We split our meals while sipping on lattes, talk about his career, what his process was for his albums, what he still wants to do in his career, and I ask when he officially lost that purity ring.


1PM: Because he’s Nick Jonas, we hop in a private plane and fly to Sweden because I mentioned wanting to live there. They have great healthcare laws and women’s representation. On the nonstop seven hour plane ride, he plays me some of his songs on one of his guitars - there were several. We also Facetime Joe and Kevin because, well, duh. We talk about our favorite foods, worst fashion choices, good movies, bad movies, what he would do if he wasn’t a famous singer, and his anticipated upcoming album.


9PM: We arrive in Sweden and it’s early in the morning. But we find a restaurant, grab food and keep talking. We find our way to the hotel he booked, keep talking, dozing off in between until we have to leave for our flight back to America. We walk around early the next morning, exploring the scenery hand in hand until we have to part ways. I have his number (obviously) so we can try to see each other whenever he finds the time.


Honestly, I just love Nick Jonas and want to just know about his amazing life, so this is just the start. Hopefully no one thinks I’m too crazy.