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My Favorite Style Icons from 90’s Hit Television

When I think back to all the hit 90’s television series, there is one common thread that sticks out to me – style. The 90’s have distinct fashion trends, and you can recognize them almost anywhere. Some of my favorite style icons are from this decade! Here are the top characters that I think have the best style:

Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World

She’s everybody’s favorite girl in the classic sit-com, going from the outcast in middle school, to being the most popular girl who fell for Cory Matthews. Topanga often caught my eye for her strong personality and heartfelt moments with her best friends, but she also had great style! This outfit is one of my favorite looks from the series, as she sports a bright orange cardigan and matching plaid skirt, with two little barrettes.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

We all know and love her, and most of us take inspiration from her, but Carrie Bradshaw is definitely an icon for style in the 90’s. She was always pulling off the coolest looks, showing the range of what women could wear at the time. One of my favorite looks is this simple classic dress.

Rachel Green from Friends

I’m sure you knew she would be on the list, but of course Rachel Green is one of the most iconic characters of the 90s. She always wore the best outfits, ranging from her Central Perk uniform to her business casual style as a buyer at Bloomingdale’s. I love this look because it truly represents her cute and flirty character.

Monica Geller from Friends

I can’t include Rachel without Monica! As her go-to gal, Monica is another character from Friends with such a cute style. I especially love her more laidback looks that show her casual side, and this outfit shows that off perfectly. Her button-down shirt and mom jeans are so classic, and the little white sneakers add just the right touch!

DJ Tanner from Full House

She was the big sister you always wanted, growing up in what seemed like the craziest household in America! DJ had many different looks throughout the course of the series, and she always wore such cool outfits. She pulled off both a girly and tomboy look that were popular style types at the time, and this one, in particular, is one of my favorites. She wears an overall dress with a bright green top underneath, and her short bob is pulled away from her face. A simple but adorable look!

These characters had great style in these 90’s hits, and they showcase some of the best trends of the decade. Style is the perfect way for young girls to learn to express themselves, and these characters definitely paved the way for me to do that. With cute and classic looks, the many female characters of the 90’s had amazing style that has been remembered for years!

Hi there! My name is Hailee, and I am currently a student at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. I hope you like my page!
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