MMC Students: A Summer Well Traveled

Hello, hello! How was everyone's summer? Looks like some students had a great time, according to Instagram. From the west coast to the east, everything in between and overseas, our classmates have seen it all this summer. Check out where new MMC students and returning ones have been!

@Bethany.glover -- Utah

@Haileymax -- London

@heyitsashleyy -- California

@tessmyers -- West Virginia

@jessnort -- Coney Island

@harrydickhill -- Paris

@jessicarozycki -- New Jersey

@_flat_white_ -- Montenegro

@rebekah_janae -- North Carolina

@katherinedunford -- Massachusetts

@julissanicole - Puerto Rico

@hercampusmmm - #HerConference

@alexa_bender - Canada

@vickypie94 - Florida