Michael Tatasciore, ‘17

Let’s start simple! Tell us your name, age, year, and hometown.My name is Michael Tatasciore, I’m still a youngin’ (19 years old). I am a sophomore and am from West Chester, Pennsylvania, not New York!

First off, how do you feel about being Campus Cutie this week?!I am quite honored frankly, ever since I saw this was a thing I hoped one day I’d be asked. Only in New York :)

Do you have a favorite spot on campus?I recently have been sitting across the Starbucks/Nugent Lounge against the wall. It’s a good place to be separate and have time to think, while still being a part of the activity of the hallway. So glamorous compared to the Terrace, I know.

Have you had a favorite moment at MMC so far?I think working with the Dance Dept last year on the Twyla Tharp piece was a highlight. I like to think I’m the Dept’s biggest cheerleader, so getting to sing with a group and see the show every night was so much fun for me!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?Not quite sure, I’d love to be designing sets for Broadway or movies, designing fashion or sets for my idol Lady Gaga, or a funny writer on Buzzfeed.

Tell us something people don’t know about you!I was attacked by a turkey vulture. One day when it was snowing at home, I was lying in the snow and laid there for a long time. It apparently thought I was dead, because it landed next to me and started pecking at me.

Quick Questions:Who is your celebrity crush? Zac Efron will always win. Taron Egerton and Brenton Thwaites have recently creeped into the picture though.Favorite class at MMC so far: Acting I with Professor Antonio Suarez, he was incredible.Go to Starbucks order: Venti Iced Green Tea Lemonade, sweetened, light ice.NYC hangout: I love going to the reservoir and looking across the park at the West Side. It always looks different depending on the time of day, weather and season. And the unedited shot of the sunset is still one of my favorite photos ever.Movie:  I saw Theory of Everything twice and cried both times. I cannot wait to get the DVD so that I can cry in the comfort of my own room and avoid looks from people.Song at the moment: Such a tough question, but for now “Just Like a Dream” by Lykke Li.

Anything else you want to add?My life revolves around Broadway, tigers, Lady Gaga, Versace, Alexander McQueen and my friends of course. My party trick is that I can purr like a cat (not with my tongue or lips). I’ve only met one other person who can do it!