Meet our Editors #1 - Jessica Norton

We want you to get to know the girls who will write and help edit all the articles you will (hopefully!) love on HC MMM. To help you get to know us, our first two Campus Celebrities will be the Editors-in-Chief of HC MMM! First up: the boy band-loving, fro yo-eating, internship-crazy Jessica Norton.

Name: Jessica NortonMajor: Communication ArtsOn Campus Involvement: Her Campus, Griffin Radio, and Yoga.Past Internships/Jobs: Seventeen Magazine "Buzz Girl" Entertainment Reporter/Features Entertainment & Life Styles Intern, Digital Intern at Alloy Entertainment, Editorial Intern at Us Weekly, promotions intern at B 98.5.Best memory at MMC: During Hurricane Sandy MMC students were invited to fill in the audiences for day time talk show tapings-- I got to live tweet during Anderson Live and get a picture with Anderson Cooper, who I admire very much!Advice for freshman: Explore the city (beyond the Upper East Side!), walk, and take advantage of all of the free events that go on!Celebrity Crush: Harry Styles

Movie: Almost FamousBook: Hoot by Carl HiaasenStudy Spot: My bedNYC Restaurant: Peanut Butter & Co.

TV Show: New GirlSong: Hardest question ever…but I'm currently loving "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift.Snack: French Fries

Pick One!Ice Cream or fro yo? Fro yo!Coffee or tea? Neither!Stay up late or wake up early? Wake up earlyRadio City or Madison Square Garden? MSGConcerts or Broadway shows? ConcertsMet or MoMA? MetWalk or take the subway? WalkCentral Park or Brooklyn Bridge? Central Park