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Are you in the New York City area, and are in need of a new workout class? Current is a 45-minute, high-intensity rowing workout class that incorporates signature rowing motions in synchronization to the beat of popular music in a candlelit room. Due to the intensity of the workout, you can expect to burn around 600 to 800 calories, and the exercises are targeted to help engage your upper abs, lower abs, and arms.

Classes are offered every day of the week by a variety of teachers. Your first class will cost $25, and individual classes after your first visit will cost $34. Current is located in lower Manhattan on 342 Canal Street, and it is close to the Canal Street subway stop.


Marymount Manhattan College Students Working at Current


           A few students from Marymount Manhattan College are currently working at Current.  Reece Babb is an instructor for Current, and she is also a senior at Marymount Manhattan College. She is a BFA Dance major and is on the Marymount Manhattan Dance Company. Working at Current helps to keep her in peak physical condition for all of the dancing she does during the week.

           Ansley Escalona and Tiffany Bopp also work at Current. Ansley and Tiffany are both BFA Dance majors at Marymount Manhattan College. If you are ever interested in taking a class at Current, they will help you get set up for your first row!


Why Dancers Should Go to Current


           Current has been the latest trend in workout classes with the dancers at Marymount Manhattan College. Many dancers have started to take classes from Current because they feel that the exercises help strengthen their core and build up their stamina, which are both beneficial for dance.

           Unlike many other workout classes that bulk up muscles in areas that are “unwanted” for dancers, Current’s exercises strengthen the core. When dancing in technique classes and rehearsals throughout the week, dancers only dance for brief periods of time. Taking time outside of class to work on cardio helps to build up stamina for class work and performances. Current’s exercises are great for dancers who are looking to strengthen their core and increase their stamina outside of their regular dance schedule.  


My First Row at Current


           After hearing all of the dancers at school rave about Current’s classes, I decided to see what all of the hype was about. I went to class on a Saturday morning with one of my friends. The people at the front desk were very welcoming and helpful in telling us everything we needed to know in order to get set up for the class and sign up at the discounted rate.

           Once the class was about to start, the instructor came up to my friend and I and told us what to expect in the class. She also showed us how to use the rowing machine and that we would get the hang of the class pretty quickly.

           During the class, the instructor played a playlist with popular songs and had the class follow a routine that used their signature rows that were executed in coordination with the music. The instructor was great at demonstrating how to do the different rows in front of the class and encouraged everyone in the class to keep rowing and to not give up even if they were tired.

           The workout consisted of a variety of rows at different speeds and combinations in relation to the music. They also had us turn up the resistance and row with different intentions when the music changed intensity. There were also sections in the workout where we were told to do arm exercises with weights that were set up by our rowing machines. By the end of the class, I was dripping sweat and felt fulfilled with the workout. This was the first time in a while that I had a lot of fun in a workout! The routine was challenging, but it was especially fun to do along with the beat of great music!

           The next day, my abs and arms were extremely sore. I felt that my entire core was targeted throughout the exercises due to the different ways that we moved our core in relation to the variations in the rowing positions. I felt the results of the workout for the rest of the week, and I noticed that I had an easier time engaging my core throughout my dance classes. Although the prices for the classes are somewhat out of my price range, I will definitely go back in the future whenever I want to get a great workout for my core and have a high-intensity cardio class!


I currently attend Marymount Manhattan College as a fourth-year senior where I am pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance with a double concentration in Choreography and Modern and a Bachelors of the Arts in Business with a concentration in Media & Arts Management. While at Marymount Manhattan College, I have choreographed new dance works for Dancers at Work and screenPLAY through the Dance Department. In my choreographic endeavors, I utilize an abstract, multidisciplinary method which reveals opportunities for further analysis, stimulates thought-provoking questions, and encourages societal change-making. I am interested in utilizing both my knowledge of Dance and Arts Management to create an interdisciplinary performance arts entity upon graduating from Marymount Manhattan College.
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