Live in the Moment and go With Your Gut

I have a tendency to overthink things. I like to plan things way out in advance and know exactly what's going to happen. I do this with small things like my daily schedule as well as big things like, well, basically my whole life. Most days I catch myself daydreaming about what career I’m going to have, who I will end up marrying, or even what my life will look like when I have kids. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop and look around and appreciate my life for exactly what it is right now.


I’m at a pretty special moment in my life right now. I am living in New York City, going to school to study what I love, and I have some of the best friends in the whole world. So I have been working hard at trying to live more presently and appreciate this time while it’s still here.


Sometimes I wish that I could know what the future holds for me but honestly, I think that would make life pretty boring. The truth is no one has any real way of knowing what the future holds. Of course, we can have goals and dreams but I think we should all leave room for the universe to come in and work its magic. Chances are the future won’t look exactly like how we picture it in our heads and dream it to be, but maybe it will be even better. Maybe if we live each day in the moment and go with our gut instinct instead of overthinking every little detail then life will turn out way better than we originally pictured it to be.


Next time you are stressed out about making a decision that will have an impact on your future, instead of letting your brain take over with logic, just go with your gut instinct and with what feels the best. Chance are that will be the right choice and you will have no regrets. I think it’s always better to go with what you really want instead of the “safe” choice that may seem more logical. In the long run, you won’t regret it and you will learn a few things along the way no matter what.


So look around, take it in, and appreciate what is happening right now and keep doing what makes you happy. Don’t worry too much about the future because you will get there eventually and you will be a different person then with new knowledge and new ideas. Now is the time to acquire that knowledge, so live it up now and do what makes you feel happy. If you do what makes you happy in the long run you will have no regrets because you can stand by all your decisions knowing it made you happy at a point in time and helped to shape you into the person that you become.