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A Little Thank You Note To My Parents


Whenever I would do something for my parents and I would say, "I owe you", they would always reply with the same response: "Just a little thank you note in the future will do." I never really meant or understood what that meant or why a small thank you note is all they wanted, but now sitting here typing out this article with the realization of college graduation only weeks away, I get it. They deserved to be thanked, not only in this note but everyday.


So here it is Mom & Dad: A little thank you note.


Dear Dad,

Thank you. Thank you for showing me the value of family and just how important the four of us are to each other, we have something really special and I'm happy you make us aware of that everyday just by being you. Thank you for showing me what courage is and how to be fearless. We are very similar in the way that we like our routines and we like are plans, but as we know life doesn't follow an exact plan. Seeing you adjust and take leaps of faith, not only makes me incredibly proud to be your son but also hopeful. Hopeful to know that when it's time for me to take that leap, that you'll be there telling me it all works out. JK Livin'. Thank you Dad, I love you.


Dear Mom,

Thank you. Thank you for being so strong. You don't (you probably do) realize how often I tap into that strength everyday, knowing you are there is the perfect remedy to any small crisis. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is and how a simple hug can turn everything around. You're truthfully and honestly, the best mom anyone could ask for, with your infinite straight-froward advice that is always what I need to hear no matter how much it sucks. Thank you for showing me that real love is being honest and truthful, it's about committing 100% to what you want and not apologizing for it. You are a strong person, and I hope in the future that I can be just as strong and great as you are. Thank you Mom, I love you.


Obviously, I could go on and on with a million ways you both inspire me everyday but this is just a "little" thank you.

Marymount Manhattan College senior who has an unhealthy obsession with TV, film, and binge watching.
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