Lesson Learned: My Dog Sitting Nightmare

The majority of dogs raised in the confines of NYC are a little disturbed. I knew this prior to accepting this dog sitting, but I did not believe small dogs were a part of that sheltered trend. Small dogs are little and cuddly, they should not be crazy because of the city. They are too tiny to feel confined, right?


Nala is a deranged POS. She is a small Chipoo whom I cannot stand. It pains me to say because I thought I loved ALL dogs. I swear Nala is not a dog. She is part dog, part cat, and part demon. The second she entered my apartment she barked endlessly, peed and pooped on the carpet even though her pee pads were right next to it, and then tried to join me on the couch. This happened everyday since. I watched her for 16 days.

I thought she started to grow on me toward the end. Her annoying subtleties and random signs of affection were starting to make me laugh. She seemed cute. Then, the last day hit. Nala decided this was the day to break free and raise the havoc of her dreams. She bit me so hard I bled, ripped apart the bathroom trash can all over the apartment, peed and pooped more so than before (I didn’t know that was even possible), and barked so much I got in trouble with the landlord! Now I have to pay my building management $600 for having a dog in the apartment without permission or get kicked out when I only made $450 for watching the spawn of Hades. The only way to make my porta potty of an apartment sanitary again, I will need to hire someone to clean because let’s face it… I can’t handle that alone.

Needless to say I don’t miss her and she has single handedly ruined dog sitting for me.  Awesome. Thanks Nala.