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Jenn Watson, ’16

Name:  Jenn Watson

Hometown:  Jackson, NJ

Major:  BA Communications

On Campus Involvement:  CAB, General school spirit

Past Internships/Jobs: None on campus, but my part-time job is magical

What do you love about your Major?:  The opportunity to really get to know your professors. And, as Comm majors the students are really cool.

Best memory at MMC: Last fall, a roommate and I made a gorgeous washi tape Christmas tree that we measured by hand and spent at least an hour on. It was so awesome, and we put pictures of Dwight Schrute on it. I cried when we had to take it down. Any other memories with my roommates from last year comes in close second.

Fave Class You've Taken:  My organizational communication class was AMAZING!

Advice for freshman:  JOIN CAB!!! But no, really, get involved. My time at school improved million-fold when I joined a club. Also, take at least 1 day off to do a mass amount of homework. It’s brutal to imagine, but it felt AWESOME every time I completed 4 different assignments in one day, and it opened up so much more free time to sleep.


Movie:  Rocky Horror Picture Show and also The Lion King

TV Show:  It’s a tie between Boy Meets World and Once Upon a Time

Play:  It used to be Wicked, but it’s Lion King now

Study Spot:  My desk at home, or the benches on the comm floor.

Song:  Music is too big a part of my life to pick just a single song!

Snack:  Gotta love those BBQ chips

Celebrity Crush:  LEO!!!!!!!!!

Website: Twitter, but soon it’ll be Santa Tracker.

Pick One!

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?  Ice cream

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?  S T A R B U C K S

Stay up late or wake up early?  Wake up early

Yankees or Mets?  Indifferent????? Yankees???? I’m not sports-y.

Concerts or Broadway Shows?  Broadway shows

Union Square Park or Washington Square Park? Union Square

Walk or Subway?  Walk!!!

Gossip Girl or Sex & The City? Sex & the City, but only because I’ve never lost on that slot machine!

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