Janelle Pierzina: Big Brother’s Best Player

Janelle Pierzina is the star of the hit CBS reality show ""Big Brother."  She’s appeared on season six, season seven which was all-stars, and the fourteenth season. Janelle Pierzina is a native of Minnesota; she was born and raised in Grand Rapids, attended college in Duluth where she got a degree in Communications from UMD and she now resides in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Before appearing on Big Brother, Janelle was an actress, model, and cocktail waitress. She came in third place on season six, her first time on the show, being evicted on September 16, 2005, Day 76. She was America’s favorite, winning every contest that America voted for. In the summer of 2006, she was chosen by the viewers to participate in Big Brother 7: All-Stars and she was evicted on Day 67, again taking third place and becoming a member of the seven-contestant jury. On September 12, 2006, the final day of Big Brother 7: All-Stars, Pierzina was named the winner of the final America's Choice vote, a $25,000 prize to a jury member. In 2012, Pierzina returned once again to the Big Brother house for the show's 14th season. Unfortunately, she was the fourth contestant evicted because they back doored her because they knew she would win the competitions. After her appearance on Big Brother All Stars, Pierzina won the VH1 Big Reality Star of '06 award. She was named the biggest winner of Big Brother by BuddyTV based on number of combined Head of Household and Power of Veto competition victories during her first two seasons with 12.5. Pierzina holds the record for most days spent in the Big Brother house, at 177 days.

She is known as the Queen of Comps, because she has won so many competitions. Janelle excels at all of the competitions: endurance, intelligence and memory competitions. Janelle also had the best style out of anyone on the show. (Remember that one time she was pretended to be depressed and weak and she had Dr. Will bring her favorite Chanel sunglasses to her? LOL.) Plus, her gift baskets always contained the best items when she won HOH (Head of Household.) She is known for her humor on the show as well. Her diary room conversations are life! In addition, she’s known for telling people how it is on the show – which is why her verbal fights on the show with Beau, April and Maggie have gone viral and are included on the best Big Brother moments lists.

Here are a few reasons why Janelle Pierzina will go down in history as the best Big Brother player of all time!

1) She showed everyone in the house who was boss. She came with a target and was going to claim it at all costs.

2) She always made us laugh and had no filter – because she speaks the truth!

3) When she won a phone call and of course had to ask about Britney Spears and get the 411 of what was happening in the real world!

4) Sorry not sorry!

5) Work hard. Play hard.

6) She says out loud what everyone is thinking. Real talk!

7) When she drank wine and put every houseguest in their place!

8) Because victory dance!

9) She stayed true to herself throughout every season she was on!

10) Janelle was always reppin’ Minnesota and never forgot where she came from. Home is where the heart is!