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If You Don’t Like Candy Corn, You’re Wrong


Candy corn. The candy that is only around for a brief point in time between the months of early September and late November. When you see the fake orange and yellow glow on drugstore shelves, you know that leaves are soon going to fall and the air is getting colder. But, I have heard that there are some people who don’t like the fall staple that is candy corn. Here are 5 reasons why candy corn is the best, and if you don’t like it, you’re wrong.



Candy corn is great because you can eat as much or as little as you want, and you will feel satisfied no matter what. You could grab a handful, or eat an entire bag (no judgement zone) and feel equally happy with either decision.


Have you ever searched candy corn recipes on pinterest? Can someone say JACKPOT! Candy corn cookies, blondies, fudge, popcorn. The options are literally endless. It’s a tasty treat that you can only have for a limited time. My favorite thing to do with candy corn, besides eat it by the handful, is to mix it with pretzels, peanuts, and dark chocolate chips. Salty and sweet: fall addition, and so good!


All of those baking opportunities above are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth this fall. Have a party to go to? Bring candy corn or a candy corn treat! You will be the favorite party guest.


Maybe this isn’t the best quality, but you can leave it around for a while and it will still be pretty good. Lazy guys and girls, this is the snack for you.


Not liking candy corn doesn’t make sense because it is literally deliciously artificially colored sugar. If you like anything sweet, you definitely like candy corn. Maybe try one of those salty sweet snacks to ease into it if you aren’t the biggest fan.


DISCLAIMER: It’s actually okay if you don’t like candy corn, I still love you.

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