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I Finally Understand the Sex and the City Hype

Are you more of a Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, or Miranda Hobbes type of person? I thought this to myself as I began my first episode of Sex and the City. At first, I did not think I would enjoy this romantic comedy. I typically do not go for comedy shows as I love action and drama, but once I saw all four ladies strutting down the streets of Manhattan, I knew this would be a great show. After finishing the first season in nearly two days, I thought to myself, oh I understand why everyone praised the ladies of Sex and the City.

For starters, Sex and the City glamorized the New York City lifestyle, creating a picture-perfect city. Except, it did not show what type of things real New Yorkers go through, like the MTA. However, the 30 minutes of a perfect NYC was everything a girl could dream of. We all know from shows like Friends and Gossip Girl, that Manhattan is an island of great fashion, amazing brunches, and a good time.

Sex and the City brought humor, whit, and four friends who were career driven with such different personalities, passions, and sexual morals together in the glamours New York City. Carrie, a writer, Miranda, a lawyer, Samantha, a PR queen, and Charlotte, an art curator, are the four friends whose lives this show revolves around. These women highlight the challenges all women face when trying to find the perfect relationship through the heartbreaks, bad sex, and fears of never finding the perfect guy.

Sex and the City could have gone one or two ways. The women could have been portrayed as a scatterbrained group of friends who were all struggling to make ends meet, but instead, the producer Darren Starr took a different path. The show instead highlights a group of friends who all had successful careers, did not need a man to support their lifestyle and felt good about themselves. They were fierce, independent women who all found their dream guy. Even though age became a factor for the women at some point in the show which made them feel like they might need to settle.

This romantic comedy is known for exploiting the truth behind dating and finding the “right one”. Sex and the City shows the ups and downs of all relationships by sending a message that not all relationships will be perfect. One thing this show personally taught me is that dating is hard and even harder in New York City where there are so many people. Sex and the City is one for the books, and it will always be many girls’ guidebook for navigating a relationship as the show addresses various social issues, while also covering topics like sex and relationships. It is not just called Sex and the City because the name is catchy; rather, it is because of what the show offers through stories of sex, friendships, and what Carrie Bradshaw would say about the fabulous city of New York.


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