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I Dressed Up Like Iris Apfel For a Day

50 Shades of Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel. The name is enough to place a permanent smile on my face. I have admired this legend for years, emulating her style, worshiping her unforgivable personality. The woman, being very eccentric, has always intrigued me. Through the course of her 95 years on this Earth, Iris has been a renowned interior designer brushing elbows with first ladies to being famed as the biggest fashion collector in the world. The way she layers her necklaces and bracelets matching them with feathers upon prints upon God knows what, inspires me to live life without apologies just as she does. Now that I am living in New York City, a land where no one gives a hoot, I took to the streets and amplified my style, living like Iris for the day.

In getting dressed all limits had to be lifted. Iris frowns upon ever holding back, “more is more and less is a bore.” While I loved my outfit, I was a little worried at first that people would think I was a  bit crazy, but then again, I guess that was the point.

Walking around and receiving a few stares at first was a little odd, but as the day strolled on I began to realize most lookers seemed to admire the eccentricity. My steps got more confident and I felt more willing to dress this way more often.

I know I will never be Iris Apfel, but trying was definitely an experience. Aside from the clothing, I felt more confident in my walk and speech, I carried my head higher. Jumping outside the box is liberating and necessary for the mind.

“When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” -Iris Apfel

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Natalie Aldridge is a student living in New York City studying marketing and international business. With her style, passion for the arts, travel, and nostalgic spirit, she writes about fashion and lifestyle for her school HerCampus chapter. Natalie has won numerous award for her photoghraphy and art as well, including four Scholastic Key awards. Follow her on Instagram! @naataalliee
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