How to Succeed in School - The Rory Gilmore Method

Back in September, I began the wonderful journey that is watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I haven’t finished it yet, so expect a follow-up article when the time comes, but I’m not ashamed to say I’ve watched it every week this semester. Given the heartwarming and feel-good nature of the show, I’ve fallen completely in love with the characters, especially the one and only Rory Gilmore. As a motivated student myself, watching her strive for success has been both relatable and inspiring.


Whether you're as studious as Rory or not, there are definitely lessons to take away from how she manages to be the lovely Rory Gilmore we all know and love and an admired academic at the same time.  


For anyone in need of study tips, college advice, or a reminder of why you're doing all of this, to begin with, let's look at how Rory does it.


Make Time To Study


Getting assignments done on time without doing any of them last minute is so much more doable if you allocate time to each one. Plus, breaking things down and planning when you’re going to do an assignment keeps feelings of being overwhelmed under control. In addition to setting aside time, having a workspace where you can concentrate is also essential to efficiently complete school work. Whether that be the library or your desk, make sure it’s somewhere you can focus. After all, Rory views studying as a solitary activity and that has done great things for her.



Stay Organized  


A huge part of retaining information and preparing for upcoming exams comes from simply keeping yourself and your class materials in order. Knowing what’s coming up next in a course can help keep anxiety to a minimum, so actually look at the syllabus! Looking ahead helps me feel confident and I don’t have to worry about missing anything. It’s no secret that Rory is a dedicated student who is always getting involved in extracurriculars; let her be a reminder that it can all be done!



Take Care of Yourself

As important as it is to do well in school, never forget that your health comes first. Having a good balance and having time off to relax and just enjoy yourself is crucial. If you never get a chance to have downtime and take a breather, you’re only hurting yourself and things will quickly become too overwhelming. Make sure to get lots of beauty sleep so that when it comes to a long day of classes, you’ll be ready to handle it the Gilmore way - with coffee and a positive attitude.  


Keep Your Sights Clear  

Reminding myself of my goals, much like Rory and her beloved Harvard, helps me put things in perspective and remember that they are what I am here (in the city) to achieve. I find that so much of being a successful student comes from maintaining a momentum and knowing that hard work will always pay off. Thinking about why I wanted to go to school in the first place helps me keep a driven outlook. Plus, it never hurts to reflect on how much you've done and how far you've come.  



Celebrating Rory Gilmore for being an ambitious go-getter encourages me to do the same but what I also love about her character is that even she makes mistakes sometimes. So the next time things don’t go according to plan, don’t be too hard on yourself. If Lorelai and Rory can do it, so can you.