How To Start Off the School Year Organized

College can be stressful and hectic! The year gets busy quickly, and the best way to stay on top of everything is to keep your life organized. Here are some organization tips that will help you stay on track!



With classes, papers, tests, clubs, and events, it is easy to lose track of when things are due. A planner is a necessary solution. A planner helps you sort your busy life and visualize what you need to get done. I prefer a physical copy, but if that isn’t your style, there are a bunch of great online organizer tools such as Trello!


Create a Schedule

Think of your planner as a big picture, and your schedule as a daily routine. Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it! Block out time dedicated to studying, activities, working out, and relaxing. A schedule is an easy way to accomplish a lot without feeling overwhelmed.


Figure Out A Note System That Works For You

Whether Cornell or Mind Mapping, find what makes sense to you. The better your notes, the easier they will be to study from. By finding a system that is clear and simple you can improve how you learn information.



Get pens, post its, and highlighters of all different shades! Color is a great way to stay engaged while studying. Color coding your notes and books will help organize all the information you need to know.



Create flashcards or quizlets each week, and not the day before the test. Transferring your notes to flashcards will help you learn the information, and doing them each week will save you from last-minute cramming.


Keep Your Desk Neat

A messy desk means less space to work. A clean desk will give you space to focus and concentrate. Keep all your school supplies in a designated spot to diminish clutter which will make it easy to do work.


Get Ahead on Assignments

While procrastination is always the tempting way to go, it will only hurt you in the long run. Waiting until the last minute means more stress and lesser quality of work. By planning ahead, you can space assignments out, save yourself from all-nighters, and put forward your best effort.


School can be stressful, but staying organized will help you do great!