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How To Not Be Just A Fish In the Sea: Dating In NYC

Currently, there are over 18 million people residing in New York City. Even when you factor in all the people that are taken or simply just aren’t your type, it’s going to be hard to pick out your perfect match from the crowd. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five tips to pay attention to when trying to not just be a fish in the sea that is NYC’s dating pool.


Tip #1: Find The Dating App That’s Right For You


Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, the list goes on. With the world currently in the Internet Age, new dating apps are being released every few weeks. This can become overwhelming once you begin juggling three, four, even five profiles at once! That is why you should choose one that works best for you and stick with it. You might prefer Bumble because of its ability to let girls make the first move. If you are dead set on finding “the one”, try out Hinge, the dating app that is designed to be deleted. Choose the app that aligns with what you’re looking for, and that you actually feel comfortable using. If you’re not comfortable with Tinder’s set up, you’ll just be letting a profile go to waste.


Tip #2: Make An Authentic Profile


Make sure that your profile is true to you. While there may be certain tricks to get your profile to catch people’s eye, make sure that it is still representative of who you are. Of course, still upload photos where you look a bit better than you usually do, but make sure that your bio actually reflects your personality and what you’re looking for. 


Tip #3: Know Your Type


As you begin to swipe through dating apps, you should start to get a sense of what exactly your “type” is. Are you into smart guys? How about funny girls? You’ll figure this out as you go along. Once you have a solid grip on your type, this will make sorting through matches so much easier. Don’t waste time texting a Tinder date if from the get-go you’re struggling to get over the fact that they don’t fit into your ideal person. 


Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid To Venture Out Behind The Screen


Dating apps aren’t the only way to get into a relationship! If you are sick and tired of meeting people online, try finding the perfect someone through leaving your apartment. While this advice won’t apply until after COVID-19, going out to bars or looking for relationships with the people around you is a great way to find “the one”. This way you’ll know if you have chemistry right from the start and can randomly meet someone you never would have online.


Tip #5: Don’t Give Up Hope


The most important advice of all is to not give up hope. Sure, dating in NYC can be overwhelming and at times exhausting. But when you find your perfect match all the hard work and fruitless dates will be worth it because you are with someone who makes you happy. 



Maggie Salko

Marymount '22

Maggie Salko is a junior studying both literature and business. She can normally be found napping between the stacks in the 2nd floor library. She'll tell you that her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, when it is actually A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn.
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