How to Live Out Your Paris Dreams in NYC

I recently returned to school in New York City after spending my January in Paris taking an architecture course with CIEE. The two cities have very different overall vibes. The trendiness of New York is matched with the elegance of Paris. Because I missed Paris so much within just a few weeks of being back in New York, I wanted to find a way to keep some of the Parisien charm with me and extend it to you! So, if you’ve been dreaming of pastries and French bulldogs, this list of ways to live out your Parisian dreams in New York City is for you!


  1. Go get the cutest, most adorable macaroons you’ve ever seen at Ladurée! Yes, these are Blair Waldorf approved. My favorite flavors include lavender, rose, and the Marie Antoinette! There are 3 locations in New York: one in SoHO, one on Madison near the park, and one in Midtown West. Run to your nearest location and then savor the precious little box they come in (I use mine as a bobby pin holder)

  1. Go visit a Longchamps store and imagine you are walking down the Champs- Élysées!


  1. If you’re in the mood for some French food and pastries then head on over to Pret A Manager! It’s a chain restaurant with lots of locations around the city. You can grab a baguette sandwich, croissant, and some fresh squeezed orange juice that are almost as good as the real thing! Close your eyes and imagine you’re eating them in a Parisian garden!


  1. Pay a visit to the French Institute Alliance Française! From all-ages French classes to French movie screenings, the institute puts on a variety of events promoting French culture in NYC. Once a year they hold a French street fair in celebration of Bastille Day stretching from Fifth Avenue to Lexington Avenue on 60th Street. The festival includes vendors, performances, and tastings! The 2019 celebration will be happening on Sunday, July 14 and is a must- attend event.


  1. Photo shoot in all black with some red lipstick! Trust me, looking the part will really get you there. Pick a nice backdrop or park you can go to and just have some fun taking pictures with your friends. Make sure to nail your sassy smirk in order to best show off your red lipstick! My favorite red is the Sephora brand lip stain: it stays on no matter how many baguettes you go through!

  1. The final way you can live out your dreams in New York is an easy and cost-friendly one. Simply go to the closest grocery store and pick up a baguette, a cheese variety, and some wine. Pair this with your favorite rom com or some of the Paris episodes of Gossip Girl and you’re set!


While nothing beats the real sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, I have found that these activities help keep my love for Paris alive, even when in a very different city. I hope these can help satisfy your Parisian dreams too! Maintenant, sortir et vivre comme un parisien !