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How I Stay Productive: A Day of Zoom Classes

This semester, I have had the opportunity to cram all of my classes into two days. While this is helpful for my work schedule, I have to ensure I stay productive on class days or I risk falling behind. Here is a day in the life of my classes in quarantine, with tips on how I have been able to stay productive. 


I try to stick to a routine to give myself structure throughout the day and maximize my productivity. I start off my morning about two hours before classes begin. I make a small breakfast and drink lots of water, as well as some coffee. I definitely need my caffeine throughout the day. My first class begins at 11:30, but I like to give my brain some time to wake up to ensure I can pay attention and focus during my classes. I noticed staying in my pajamas makes me feel lazier, so personally, I get dressed. This also helps me feel like I truly am getting ready for class. I put on a bit of makeup and fix up my hair, then relax and tidy up for a bit before class begins.


Once I am in my classes, I find it harder to focus than ever before. Being at home means there are so many more distractions. I have a dog and she likes to get excited at the most inconvenient of times. My neighbors above me love to jump around during class. The sirens always seem to go off when it’s my turn to speak. Nevertheless, I stick to a few things to try and help keep my mind focused and busy. 


First, I still take notes by hand. For some people, this just is not their thing. For me, it helps to keep my hands busy and ensures I am listening attentively. Second, I try to minimize all other distractions by ensuring my room is tidy. I find that the less that I have out to distract myself with, the less distracted I will be. Lastly, I make sure to eat between my classes and hydrate well. Throughout the day, it is important to check in with yourself. What do I need to do right now in this moment? Check in with yourself frequently, especially if you feel that you could be doing something. 


This school year is going to be very different, so try to find what works best for you to minimize your distractions and maximize your productivity. Most importantly, don’t forget to take days off to let your brain relax! Happy Fall Semester 2020, let’s be productive!!!

Liz Brazil

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