How to Dress Like Olivia Pope On a Budget

There is no woman on the planet who doesn’t aspire in some way to be like Olivia Pope. She manages to maintain power, determination, and success all while staying put together. The woman is a goddess. Use the tips below to become your own kick-ass version of Shondaland’s Chief of Staff.


Not that I have had the pleasure of witnessing the potential morning routine of Olivia Pope, but I would imagine that her time is beyond minimal. A quick dry spray with added heat protection is exactly what every power hungry female needs for an efficient blow dry.

Have a fresh manicure with a skin-toned nail polish, even if you do it yourself.


A Prada handbag knock-off that is structured, sturdy, and (again) neutral.

Olivia wear little to no accessories, some medium sized diamond studs paired with a metal watch are her staple. Earrings should be round cubic zirconia ranging in size 6MM-9MM.


The season 6 version of Olivia Pope has only been seen in black and white power suits. (Pants; blouse; blazer)

Don’t forget a black and white blanket scarf for when she retires the blazer and cell phone for popcorn and red wine.