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Goodbye Lash Extensions, Hello Lash Lift!


This year, the popularity of lash extensions reached an all-time high and forever changed the no-makeup-makeup game. If you’re anything like me, your college-girl bank account probably can’t keep up with the cost every three to four weeks. I’ve also worried that it would ruin my lashes to the point of no return. I’ve resorted to lash serums and castor oil concoctions, but couldn’t find the will to add this step to my daily nighttime regime. Then I heard about the Yumi Lash Lift.


The Yumi Lash Lift is a semi-permanent curling, lifting, and strengthening keratin treatment for your lashes. This treatment lasts about 2.5 months and costs about $150. Not only is it more convenient for your bank account, but it also means fewer trips to the salon! This is the ultimate natural alternative to lash extensions. I found a salon that offers this service, checked out their Instagram and Yelp reviews, and booked an appointment within minutes.


I was nervous going into my appointment, but my esthetician Monica assured me that this treatment would be completely painless! I laid down in the chair and told her to add the tint to my service so I could have darker lashes without the help of mascara. I was told I needed to keep my eyelids closed the whole time, which ended up being very relaxing! Monica put silicone pads on my eyelids and under my eyes and made sure all of my lashes were separated by using a metal tool.  Then she applied the keratin treatment to my lashes. This felt like my lashes were being painted, which was weird, but pain-free! When she finished, she placed a warm towel over my face and let me relax for about 30-40 minutes. After removing the towel, Monica applied a black tint and a top coat of keratin-based conditioner and let that settle. Once my lashes were wiped clean, she applied a keratin mascara and told me to keep my lashes dry for the next 48 hours. Thankfully, when I booked the appointment, I was told to shower before the appointment so my hair would be able to last the next 48 hours. Once the 48 hours pass, you can treat your lashes as you normally would.


When I looked in the mirror, I was amazed by my lashes. They were so long! I went home that night, took some selfies, and posted them on social media. Before I knew it, my DMs exploded! Girls from all over were asking me where I got my lashes done and they couldn’t believe that they weren’t extensions. I was in my glory. For once, people were obsessing over MY lashes.


The next couple of weeks, I barely wore any mascara. I woke up with perfectly curled lashes, making my makeup routine so much shorter. My lashes were full, curled, and extremely long—so long, they almost touched my brow bone! Everyone constantly asked where I got my lash extensions because they looked so natural, only to be shocked that they were real. I referred at least twenty girls to my esthetician and her salon.


The next stage was similar to the awkward length your hair reaches when you’re trying to grow it out. Most of my lashes were still lifted, but I was growing new lashes underneath them. The usual cycle for our lashes lasts about 2.5 months, which explains the length of results for this treatment. My lashes were pointing in all different directions which made it extremely hard to put mascara on. I also noticed some of my lashes were falling out—but don’t be alarmed if this happens to you! These are the old lashes falling out to make room for new, healthier ones. This was my least favorite part of the cycle. Thankfully, this didn’t last longer than two weeks. Now, at the end of my cycle, my lashes look full but more relaxed. They feel stronger and don’t point downwards as much as they did before. This proves that the Yumi Lash Lift was worth every penny!


Lash lifts are offered at many salons and are even recommended to those who need to strengthen their lashes in between extensions. Long story short, if you’re looking for a natural fix for your lashes, or need to repair the damage of extensions, the lash lift is right up your alley. Just find a trustworthy salon and esthetician and book your first appointment. Say goodbye to short and stubby lashes!

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