Good Mythical Morning- The YouTube Channel You Should Be Watching

Good Mythical Morning has been my favorite YouTube channel for a few months now. I had always seen their videos on YouTube, even when I went on YouTube for the first time around 11 years old. I never clicked, and boy do I regret waiting so long to subscribe. Their main channel now has over 1700 videos that cover a variety of interesting topics. The show stars Rhett and Link, two men in their forties who have been best friends since the first grade. They are from North Carolina and moved to L.A., where their YouTube channel really took off.

They have recurring series on their channel, such as guessing international foods, blindfold ranking foods, will it blank, in which they test if something will taco, hot chocolate, meatball, etc., and so much more. Some of their most recent videos include them creating a game of reading fanfiction about themselves, ranking instant pot vs crock pot meals, and putting weird things into a guillotine. I’m sure it sounds insane so far, so let’s go in depth into one of my favorite series: Will it Blank?

In Will it Blank? Rhett and Link test different types of foods to decipher if they can fit into a particular food category. In a video from three weeks ago, they asked: Will it Grilled Cheese? They found some awesome things that would grilled cheese, including Takis and funnel cakes. They also discovered that certain things could not be turned into a grilled cheese such as Febreze. It’s such a fun time to watch their videos as they have a real relationship as best friends and always make new and interesting content. Best of all, none of their videos are ever clickbait. Their videos are always exactly what they say they are. 

Lastly, I wanted to mention the amazing other channels and art forms they have. Their Chef, Josh, has a channel called Mythical Kitchen where you can learn to create some of the things that Rhett and Link eat in their videos. They have a second channel, Good Mythical More, that is the show after the show. They continue their conversations in a more casual way and do lots of fun extras. They have a vlog channel called Rhett and Link that airs every Saturday, in which they do fun best friend things, such as playing frisbee golf with tortillas. They also have a podcast that comes out every Monday called Ear Biscuits, in which they talk about everyday life. They co-wrote a book together as well called The Lost Causes of Bleak Creak. I had the pleasure of reading the book over Winter break, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in fiction. The book is loosely based on their childhood in Buies Creek, North Carolina. I love the variety of their channel, the strong friendship they share, and the joy it brings to my everyday life. For more, visit their main channel, along with 16.3 million other subscribers.