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Gilmore Girls Is Coming Back and We Can’t Stop Freaking Out

Pack your bags, we’re all going back to Stars Hollow. Yes, really.

Yesterday news broke on TVLine that Gilmore Girls will be returning with four brand new super episodes of ninety minutes each. Yes I audibly squealed when I found out this news yesterday. Yes that happened during a class and may or may not of greatly concerned my professor. Yes I’m still having trouble breathing. No you should not be concerned. 

So here’s the scoop. Netflix has finalized a deal to bring back the beloved mother daughter back to our screens. Though no cast members are officially signed on, apparently talks are beginning with the main quartet: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson. But it seems like things are more official than they sound. Check out the tweets that Luke and Lorelai themselves sent out the last two days.

Okay so they can’t comment, but like these tweets are comments. If these reports weren’t true why would they even bother commenting? They wouldn’t! So I’m officially accepting that it’s happening and all the naysayers can just wait to be proven wrong. Sorry, I get a little sassy whenever Gilmore Girls is concerned.

Though no release date is set and no plot points have been released, TVLine has reported that Amy Sherman-Palladino, the original creator of the show who was notably absent for the sub par seventh season of Gilmore Girls, will be the showrunner of the revival. Her husband, and original executive producer, Daniel Palladino will also be involved. In addition to showrunning it has been reported that the Palladino’s may also split directing duties of the four episodes.

As for those famed last four words that Amy Sherman-Palladino has teased all these years TVLine has reported that they will finally be revealed. For the record my bets are on a simple “I love you mom” from Rory or a cute call back to Luke and Lorelai’s first date by Lorelai saying, “I’m all in Luke.” 

As for our dream list of content, well, it’s simply never ending. We are hoping for an appearance from Sookie, but with Melissa McCarthy’s super important A-List schedule this seems unlikely, but not impossible. Guys we have to remember, Gilmore Girls is coming back and that means that anything is possible. The revival also has to address the death of Edward Herman, aka Richard Gilmore, in some way. There certainly needs to be a nice tribute of some sort, but we’re hoping that the new episodes focus more on the future of the Gilmore girls rather than what’s been going on for the last eight (!!!) years. A Friday night dinner is something that we simply cannot live without.

We’d also really for the episodes to take place in Stars Hollow. After all, the setting of the show is almost as important as the people who inhabit it. Speaking of those people — bring back townies! Stars Hollow wouldn’t be Stars Hollow without Kirk, Miss Patty, Babette, Taylor, and the rest of the gang. And for the love of all that’s good and holy bring back Paris Geller. But, most importantly, Jess MUST end up with Rory. I don’t care how it happens, why it happens, or even if it makes sense. Team Jess is a team that knows no bounds #sorrynotsorry.

We could keep going with our requests, but one thing’s for sure — wherever the Palladino’s lead we will loyally follow.

Paige, originally from Nashville, TN, is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Journalism. Paige has held internships at two PR firms, Decider.com, MTV News, and has been a Contributing Writer for USA Today College. She is currently interning at Decider.com for a second time. Maroon 5, movie going, reading, cupcakes, Pinterest, and NYC are some of her favorite things. Contact her at paigegawley@hercampus.com or visit her website,www.paigegawley.com.
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