Five Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Once again it is that time of year, where the temperature seems to change by twenty degrees throughout the day, leaving most of us with no idea what to wear. We could just change our outfit three times a day, or we can transition our summer wardrobe to fall. It’s still too soon to go shopping for winter, and nobody wants to spend all of their money on a wardrobe that’s only going to work for two months. Transitioning your wardrobe is about making a few additions and using what you already have to create a whole new look.



The most important and hardest part about fall is you need to dress for both the hot and cold. One piece of clothing you should invest in is a cardigan. The cardigan below is from Aerie and is substantial enough to keep you warm, but also made of a very breathable material that will keep you cool later on in the day when temperatures rise. A nice neutral color will go with anything and the benefit of a cardigan rather than a jacket is if you begin to get overheated it is way less of a hassle to just carry the cardigan, whereas you would struggle to do this with a jacket. A cardigan is a great piece to throw on over any outfit.





    The next step of transitioning your wardrobe is to ditch the sandals and bring back the close-toed shoes. Sneakers or boots are perfect. I personally, would go with a sneaker for most outfits and wear a nice Chelsea boot when you want to dress your look up a bit, but it doesn’t matter which one you prefer. Wearing open-toed shoes is a major summer move and is going to cripple your fall aesthetic, plus you need the warmth! Feet regulate our body heat and if you don’t keep them covered you're going to feel the effects of the cold sooner. Shoes are a major factor in an outfit, so please do not forget about them.




    Layering is key to surviving the fall, and it is also the best way to keep using your summer favorites. Wearing a shirt under a dress is an easy and cute way to reinvent your summer wardrobe, a plain white shirt will work with almost every dress and create a clean, stylish look. Now, this won’t necessarily work will all your summer dresses - meaning it’s time to ditch the floral’s - but with a nice neutral patterned or solid dress you’ll look very chic. Another layering go-to is the button down, t-shirt combo, throw a nice patterned shirt on over a black or white button down to keep warm and look great.



    Jeans, Jeans, Jeans! Jeans are an absolute essential this fall. You’ll want to put away the ripped jeans, but aside from that, any style of jeans will pair great with your looks. Jeans are the perfect pant to keep you warm! Pair them with a belt to look more dressed up or keep it casual with just a tee. Either way, you’re going to want to start digging them out.




    Finally, you’re going to want to get yourself a sweater. For those mornings where the temperature is at an all-time low and doesn’t plan on rising anytime soon, a sweater is a necessity. A nice bold color can turn your sweater into a statement, and there is something so rewarding in being comfy and cute. I think it is always better to dress down with a sweater; a simple pair of jeans or even leggings will complete the look. If you’re worried about looking like you’re in loungewear, tuck in your sweater to give yourself a more deliberate look. Just remember comfort is the most important factor here, find a sweater that feels like you’re being given a million hugs from a million kittens and try to stick to earth tone colors for the fall.  


Knit Sweater from H&M ($9.99)


    Now go forth and have fun! A closet purge and style makeover can be overwhelming, but it can also be therapeutic if you let it inspire you, rather than scare you. Remember that you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe; fall presents us with the opportunity to get creative and look at how we can use what we already have.