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Fall Trend: Dare To Denim

As I make that very long, dreadful trek to and from campus on 71st Street back to the dorms on 55th Street EVERY SINGLE DAY, I notice a very consistent fashion trend—denim. I think it would be safe to say that denim is the new black. So the question is—what makes denim so appealing to so many different types people with so many different types of styles? I’d say it’s a combination of a couple of things.

To begin, denim is literally the world’s most versatile fabric ever. You’ve got so many different options of color washes: light denim, dark denim, faded denim, bleached denim, etc.


And there are equally as many fits for denim.


When the word denim is used in the context of clothing, we all automatically think of jeans or jeans shorts, right? But there are so many other possibilities with denim.  

The most recent fads are:

The denim jacket


The denim skirt


The denim dress, giving a more cohesive look.


The denim overalls for that vintage feel.


You can also wear denim as an accessory.

Such as a hat.


Or a choker.


Or a headband.


Or as shoes.


The best and most convenient quality of denim is that you can wear all of these pieces separately or together and either way it will be equally fashionable!

So now… I leave you with one question: do you dare to denim?

Hi I'm Nancy Donnes, I'm currently a BFA Dance and Digital Journalism Major at Marymount Manhattan College. A few of my favorite things are iced coffee, lulu lemon, and laughter. IG: @nancy_donnes