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Fall Treats On the Upper East Side You Need to Eat ASAP

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.


There is nothing like a fall treat to complete a crisp day in the fall. The delicious flavors associated with this season are one of the best parts. If you are ever in the UES, make sure you stop by one of these places and grab a delicious treat.


Le Pain Quotidien: Chocolate pecan tart

Although this is not specific to the UES because it is a chain restaurant, this list would not be complete without this tart. Imagine a crispy, nutty pecan pie, but with a layer of fudgy chocolate – and chocolate makes everything better.

Location(s): all over

By the Way Bakery: Mini apple crumb cake

This little cake gives all the flavor of an apple pie without the mess. It was sweet, cinnamon-y, and had a delicious crumb topping.

Location: 1236 Lexington Avenue

Two Little Hens: Maple wheat scone

What is more fall than maple? This scone was huge, had an impeccable texture, and was a perfect match to a hot mulled cider. Not to mention the shop has a super cute aesthetic. Two Little Hens is very popular so there can sometimes be a line, but it is worth the wait!

Location: 1652 2nd Avenue

Glaser’s Bake Shop: Mini pumpkin pie

If you are looking for an old school bakery, Glaser’s is your place. First of all, this little pie was the cutest thing I have ever eaten. It had the perfect ratio of flakey crust to creamy, spicy filling complete with a big helping of cinnamon whipped cream.

Location: 1670 1st Avenue

Petite Shell: Mini cinnamon croissant

Cinnamon is just one of the many flavors of mini croissants Petite Shell features. The best part? They serve them straight from the warming oven after you order.

Location: 1269 Lexington Avenue

Sedutto: S’mores ice cream

There is no other way to describe this ice cream other than it tastes like an actual s’more. It’s made with chocolate ice cream, a marshmallow fluff swirl, chocolate pieces, and graham cracker pieces. The ice cream is rich without being too sweet and had the most perfect, creamy texture. It’s never too cold for ice cream, so  I definitely recommend this treat as a way to enjoy the best fall flavors before the season’s over!

Location: 1498 1st Avenue