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Fall Scented Candles You’ll Want To Avoid

The other day I went to Bath & Body Works to check out their fall candle sale. Before I go on, I feel it’s important to say that I was never a huge fan of their candle scents. I normally only like a few and that’s about it. But this fall I only thought ONE scent even resembled fall at all! It is called Cider Lane, but as per usual it didn’t smell like cider or a lane, it smelt like cinnamon with a hint of apple and pumpkin. It was delightful and I bought two of those over priced candles with the buy one get one free deal. So worth it! However, the rest of the candles are not worth that deal—not even when you get one for free!

Here are only five of the other candles from their fall collection that I wish I never rose to my nose:


Yeah! A candle actually named after the season and it smells like earth with some worms in it. Do you want that smell in your apartment or house?


Leaves changing color smells like fall, yes. But this didn’t smell like fresh air and nature when the sun is mid sky. It was like leaves dipped in sap and put in a wet cave to sit until someone came along and said let’s make this smell into a candle for Bath & Body Works to sell!


I, for one, am a huge fan of anything salted caramel. All I can say is it was not salted caramel. IT WAS NOT SALTED CARAMEL!


Oh… so not sweet or cinnamon, but there was a hint of rotting pumpkin, if that interests you.


No, just no. NO.


It’s upsetting really, since smells are so important in this season. For these candles, apparently so are the names of their scent. I feel it’s wrong to say it smells like something amazing and fall-related when it actually smells nothing like it. It’s just wrong. Disappointment is the best word for it and I’m very disappointed indeed.

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