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Exiting CC Paige Gawley Interviews Incoming CC Sara Capucilli

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

From left to right: Exiting CC Jessica Norton, incoming CC Joelle Bellini, incoming CC Sara Capucilli, and exiting CC Paige Gawley.

On May 26th our current CCs, Paige Gawley and Jessica Norton, will be graduating Marymount and leaving MMM’s Her Campus chapter to two rising juniors, Sara Capucilli and Joelle Bellini. In order for Paige and Jess to say goodbye to the chapter they built, and in order Sara and Joelle to introduce themselves to the Her Campus family, we’ve put together a four part interview series in which an exiting CC interviews an incoming one and vice versa. First up exiting CC Paige interviews newcomer Sara about herself, her hopes for the chapter, and some of her favorite things.

Paige Gawley: So just give me a little background on yourself. Where you’re from, what you’re interested in, that kind of stuff.

Sara Capucilli: So I’m from Syracuse, NY, which is a trek though. People wouldn’t think that, but it’s like six hours away. It’s insane! People are like, ‘oh you’re up by Poughkeepsie’ and I’m like ‘no’ [laughs]. I went to school there and then came here. I grew up dancing; I’m a dance minor here. I auditioned for the dance program originally, but I didn’t get in. They told me to try again next year because I started dancing later in my life. I came and I actually was like I don’t want to do that. I liked the comm department so I decided to stay there. Now I’m getting into fashion journalism, which is cool. So I’m learning to like that a lot.

PG: Awesome. So you said you’re a comm major and dance minor?

SC: Yeah. I’m a dance minor, there’s a lot of minors [laughs], fashion business minor, and a journalism minor.

PG: What’s your dream job?

SC: It’s changed so much. I think I really want to write for a magazine. I mean that’s my dream job. Vogue is the dream, but that’s unrealistic.

PG: You never know! What are your summer plans?

SC: Nothing! Honestly I’ve been working at school for the last two years and I just use the summer to relax. It’s a luxury, but school drives me nuts when I’m here [laughs]. I’m going home. I have two little sisters so we’ll hang out.

PG: What’s your favorite article you’ve written?

SC: This is stupid, but I really liked my Bachelor article [laughs]. I cracked myself up. It was just fun to write because it’s something I’m obsessed with. It was just quick and fun.

PG: What are some of your favorite books, movies, and TV shows?

SC: My favorite book is actually Lolita, which is really weird, but I read it in eleventh grade and I really liked the way it was written. I really like classic literature, which is something that is not depictive of my personality at all. I don’t know where that comes from, but I really like that book. Also one that I’m reading right now is No Baggage by Clara Bensen. It’s about this girl who goes on an OkCupid date around the world without any bags. It’s the most bizarre thing ever, but she writes this whole thing about it and it’s hilarious. In terms of movies, Princess Diaries is my favorite 100%. I watch so much TV it’s really bad. House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and Pretty Little Liars. I’m still on that train. I’m hyped for the new season. In high school my friends and I literally used to dress up like them every Tuesday. We had our own person and eventually we just morphed into them. It was bad.

PG: Who were you?

SC: Spencer. We were like okay Tuesday’s we’re going to dress up and eventually we didn’t have to dress up because it’s just how we looked, which is bad, but it was over four years and what are you going to do [laughs]?

PG: And you mentioned that you like The Bachelor too?

SC: Oh yeah. Honestly every show. ShondaLand. 100%.

PG: Do you watch all of them?

SC: Yes. I watch a lot of TV. I don’t watch it when it’s on. I’m not up to date on anything. But if I have a week where I’m not doing anything I’m like, let’s watch all of Scandal.

PG: So what do you love about Her Campus?

SC: I think that there really wasn’t anything like it at Marymount specifically. Everybody wants to be a part of something. I feel like the comm department lacked that—something that was cool and that people knew about. That was really exciting! I didn’t know about it freshman year and when you guys were at Apple Fest this year I was like ‘Oh my gosh. That’s so cool!’

PG: Very cool. What are you most excited about in being one of the new CCs?

SC: Joelle [the other new CC] and I were just talking last night and we’re really excited. It’s so cool, especially since we’re kind of in the early stages, that we’ll get to grow with it and really learn a lot from it while we’re doing that. I’m excited for that.

PG: Totally. What are some things you are hoping to accomplish next year?

SC: We really want to grow how many people we have. Not even how many people, but how many people are writing. We’re trying to figure out ways to do that. We’re really trying to strategize over how we’re going to get and keep people writing and I think we have some good ideas on that. I think there’s a lot of interest and it’s really just about keeping them. 

PG: It’s totally okay if the answer to this is no, I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but do you have any big ideas for Her Campus next year? It could be events, collabs, articles, anything like that.

SC: I work with someone from Pace’s Her Campus and Joelle knows their CC. So we’d like to do something with them. We talked about that. That would be kind of fun. The person I work with said that they’d love to do something like that.

PG: Is there anything else you want the readers to know about you?

SC: I’m really excited! It’s going to be fun.

Paige, originally from Nashville, TN, is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Journalism. Paige has held internships at two PR firms, Decider.com, MTV News, and has been a Contributing Writer for USA Today College. She is currently interning at Decider.com for a second time. Maroon 5, movie going, reading, cupcakes, Pinterest, and NYC are some of her favorite things. Contact her at paigegawley@hercampus.com or visit her website,www.paigegawley.com.