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If you know me, you know that I will literally try any type of beauty product. From a new mascara, to a new face mask, there pretty much isn’t anything that I won’t try, at least once. So it really was no surprise when I walked into Ricky’s one day and purchased a bottle of Evian Facial Spray.

So what is it, you might ask? Well, its pretty much what it sounds like. Canned water. More specifically, its canned water with a little spray top (similar to a hairspray can) that is used to hydrate and refresh your skin. I was skeptical, yet intrigued. So I payed the $12.50 and walked out of the store holding my very own can of water. The inventor of bottled water must have laughed hysterically at this invention. People scoffed at the idea of bottling water, yet are willing to shell out the cash to buy water in a can form? It doesn’t make sense. But here I was, snapchatting all my friends showing them what I bought.

That next morning, I was so excited to use it. I did my usual full-face of makeup and finished it off with my setting powder and looked at my can of Evian sitting on the counter. I sprayed it on my face as a type of makeup setting spray. I threw it in my bag and went on about my day. A few hours later, my skin looked amazing! All my make-up was perfectly in place and my skin had a healthy, refreshed glow. I sprayed it on my face two other times—once in the afternoon and once before I went out to dinner. My friends were in awe—they needed to know what make-up primer I used or what setting powder I had just purchased. When I told them that it was the Evian Facial Spray, they were amazed.

I’ve been using the Evian Facial Spray for about a month now and honestly it never fails to amaze me every time. For being canned water, it truly is an incredible product. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how and why it works, but it does. Spray it once after you do your makeup and twice more throughout the day and your makeup will look incredibly flawless and will definitely up your selfie game. Since writing this article, I recently purchased the largest size of the Evian spray, so I can keep the small one in my bag for mid-day usage and the big one on my vanity for use in the morning. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new addition to your beauty routine.

You can purchase the Evian Facial Spray at retailers, such as Ricky’s NYC, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Walgreens.

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