Everything You Need To Survive The Holidays

The holidays can be tough. We’re all stressed with finals, eating way too many holiday treats, and just excited to get home to our families after a long semester. Thanks to the Her Campus Holiday Survival kits, we know that our trip home once this semester ends will be smooth sailing with just a few amazing products.

ALBA BOTANICA: Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel

Mother nature to the rescue! When you need a fast fix for tired, puffy eyes, from staying up late cramming for that final, or because you had to get up super early to catch your flight back home, this cooling gel immediately revives the eyes while cucumber, green tea, and caffeine help stimulate, energize, and reduce puffiness. What a wake-up call! Hypo-allergenic, pocket-sized remedy, gentle, and effective.

TARTE COSMETICS: Lights, Camera, Lashes

A cult classic for years, this mascara gives you the perfect no-makeup look to perk up those eyes after a long day at school. Even after that second latte, and your eyes are starting to shut in your lecture, you will still look amazing. Curling and separating every lash with a 360° magniLASH wand for a naturally defined and voluminous look, this mascara’s blend of good-for-you ingredients like rice bran, olive esters and provitamin B5 soften and nourish lashes with each stroke. BONUS: It won’t clump, flake or trash your lashes.

BEING: Salted Caramel & Macadamia / Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream

You always need a moisturizer in your bag to have ready-to-go at all times. But especially during this time of year when the air is just starting to get chilly enough to justify your marshmallow parka, and your hands are tired and dry from all the amazing papers and projects you’ve been typing up, it’s good to have something to take care of those hands. Plus, this brand has an amazing message: to big up every girl to run her world and smell fresh AF while doing it. Ballsy beauty, they stand for something, and fall for nothing. For the baddest bitches with the biggest hearts, this lotion is the perfect addition to your backpack essentials.


A good graphic tee can make the best outfit: dress it up or dress it down. In our case, Le Motto, and #ActuallySheCan teamed up to gives us the best traveling-home-for-the-holidays look we could have asked for. Ranging in sayings from Less Drama More Karma and Less Regret More Sweat, you’ll be comfy and motivated on your way home. What’s even more amazing than breathable fabric? All proceeds from the sale of the tanks benefited AcademyWomen, a nonprofit that supports military women and their families.

Here’s to an amazing rest of your semester, and an even better holiday!