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The Early Stages of Fall Semester As Told By Michael Scott

Another fall semester is upon us. For some, we’re only just getting started fresh into the first few weeks of classes while others are already approaching dreaded midterm weeks, group projects, and the accumulating stresses that come with a new school year. Regardless of what point of the semester you’re at, we can all agree that there are some struggles that come with the return to college life after summer. So, who better to illustrate this turbulent time than Dunder Mifflin’s Michael Scott, a true Renaissance man of lived experiences, humor, and the occasional magic trick. So let’s get to it.*


Your initial excitement.


Finally being back with your friends on the weekends.


If any ice breakers happen or real assignments are given out during syllabus week.


Your expectations and realities become clear quickly.

Time management is hard.


Words are hard.


Being a person in general is hard.


The inevitable mental/emotional/stress induced breakdown(s).


Coping with the inevitable mental/emotional/stress induced breakdown(s).


When you would rather be doing anything else other than studying.


Then you start thinking more long term.


You start rewarding yourself for doing the most minimal amounts of work.


And getting to class seems increasingly more difficult.


Your “thorough” skim through the readings just isn’t cutting it anymore.


But you justify it.


You regroup.


You come to terms with your expectations.


And even though you’re exhausted and so over everything,


You realize that…


*That’s what she said.

Communication Arts and Dance student in NYC. Interests include the arts, The Office, and anything with sprinkles. 
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