Director of MMC's Student Development & Activities: Olivia Des Chenes

Name:  Olivia Des Chenes

Title: Director of Student Development & Activities

What do you love about MMC? The Students! MMC students are so inspiring; each student has such a unique story, is so ambitious, and works hard to make Marymount great. I am proud to be a Marymount Griffin and have the privilege to serve and support our great students!

Best memory at MMC: So far, the MMC President’s Cup Volleyball Game. It was so much and the students did an awesome job playing and cheering. I loved the school spirit!

Advice for Students: Make the most of your college experience—take time to figure out who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to do. Be safe and smart, make and keep friends, and get involved!


Movie:  When Harry Met Sally

TV Show:  So many! People versus OJ, The Voice, The Office, Mindy Project, Project Runway, Top Chef, Tiny House Hunters, Live! With Kelly & Michael, Homeland, Girls, the list goes on…

Play:  Does a musical count? Rent for sure.

Song:  Too many to choose from. I love music of all kinds.

Snack:  Dried Mango

Game: Boggle

Pick One!

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?  Both? Yum!

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?  I will take coffee anyway I can get it, but…Dunkin’

Stay up late or wake up early?  Early bird gets the worm…

Yankees or Mets?  Yankees

Concerts or Broadway Shows?  Both!

Union Square Park or Washington Square Park? Washington Square Park 

Walk or Subway?  I love to walk and NYC is the perfect place to do so!

Gossip Girl or Sex & The City? Sex and the City, but I also love Gossip Girl

Anything else you would like the Griffins to know about you? I am thrilled to be at Marymount and it is a privilege to work with all of the amazing students here!