A Definitive List of Gifts to Give and Receive This Season

Although gifts are not the only way to show those on your shopping list that you care, receiving gifts is a nice reminder that people remember things about you, and returning the joy can be just as rewarding and enjoyable of an experience. I’m lucky enough to have a great group of roommates to do an exchange with every year, so I look forward to coming up with ideas and getting into the spirit of searching for the perfect gifts. Living in Manhattan and being surrounded by endless holiday window displays and pop-up shops, you can celebrate the start of gifting season by looking around while out and about in the city, and browsing gift guides from your favorite magazines and brands.

For trinkets and thoughtful gestures you can never go wrong with, check this nice list of gifting:

  1. 1. Bath Bombs

    Glitter infused or flower petal filled, it's a magical, fizzy experience every time.

  2. 2. Fragrance

    Roommates will appreciate the luxury of specialty shower gel, candles, and having hand sanitizer for after riding the subway.

  3. 3. Beauty

    One of those things that people want but don't want to buy for themselves, and there’s so many kits and cute packaging to choose from.

  4. 4. Jewelry

    Everyday dainty jewelry in silver, gold or rose gold will be their new go-to piece.

  5. 5. Stationary

    Wall calendars, notebooks, cute pencils, and decorative pens for school or the office.

  6. 6. Art Prints

    Inspired by favorite shows, or just something reflective of their personal style.

  7. 7. Accessories

    Socks, scrunchies, hats, scarves, you name it.

  8. 8. Canvas Tote Bags

    They’re practical, come in a variety of prints, and are a staple to true New Yorkers.

  9. 9. Room Decor

    From fairy lights, to throw pillows, to desk organizers and potted plants, students love to dress up their space.

  10. 10. Tickets

    With so much going on in the city, surprise a friend with tickets to a ballet, broadway show, or concert.

  11. 11. Gift Cards

    Good for exercise classes, coffee shops, clothing stores, or even the local grocery store.

  12. 12. Buttons and Pins

    Popular among the city’s college kids, enamel pins and buttons are the perfect way to personalize a backpack.

  13. 13. Reusable Products

    Help the planet by gifting reusable plastic grocery bags and drinkware to take outside of the apartment.

  14. 14. Books

    Find something about a favorite author, or something on a topic they’re interested in, a pretty coffee table book, or something that just looks fun.

  15. 15. Music

    Make music special to physically own by gifting special edition CDs or vintage vinyl finds from the Village.

Once the shopping’s all done, throw on some cheery tunes and wrap away. A little extra touch like a bow or gift tag can make things even more special and something to proudly display until it’s time to celebrate. And while you’re at it, have fun making your own wishlist, you’ve been good all year.