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Clear the Clutter, Clear Your Mind

We’re not saying goodbye to spring cleaning just yet; but are giving a warm welcome to fall cleaning.


No matter the location; be it your desk, closet, or bedroom, clutter has a negative effect on one’s ability to focus. Spring cleaning became popular following the hibernation that occurs in households during those cold winter months. Items tend to build up and people need a clean sweep. Clutter is mentally exhausting so why wait until spring when you can refresh now! Your mess will be no match following these quick and easy solutions. Check out the flawless organizing and decluttering tips below.

  • Fold and stack clothing in your dresser horizontally, thus creating double the space per drawer!  


  • Get rid of clothes you won’t wear anymore with the hanger trick. Hang your clothes so that the hangers are backwards. When you use them, put them on the rack the right way. Then you can see what clothes you don’t wear. 
  • Containers, containers, containers! Use them in your drawers, under the bathroom sink, in your kitchen cabinets, everywhere! They don’t have to be the drab transparent plastic ones. Get creative with it. Spray paint some old jewelry boxes and separate the tacs from the paper clips in your desk drawer.  
  • Vertical space is key. It is extremely hard to get rid of stuff, that said the next best alternative would be to find a place for everything. If you have the luxury of high ceilings and the ability to build up, go for it! You’d be pleasantly surprised by the great difference it can make.
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