City Chic: The Top 5 F/W Essentials For Dressing Like A New Yorker

New York is one of the major fashion capitals of the world, and its residents represent well. The city is known for showcasing an eclectic sense of styles, from all black ensembles to vibrant streetwear, but there are certain pieces that many New Yorkers collectively wear. Based on my own observations, here are the top 5 pieces you need to look like a local:

  1. 1. Leather Jacket

    Arguably an essential in your closet wherever you are, owning a leather jacket is a key piece to looking like a New Yorker. This jacket, preferably in a moto style, will pull together any look and go with a variety of outfit combinations.

  2. 2. Black Ankle Boots

    Whether they’re suede or faux leather, have a pointed or rounded toe, are a Chelsea boot or sleek with a slight heel, a pair of black ankle boots are a fall/winter staple in the city. Practical while also looking stylish, these boots are made for walking the streets of New York and providing you with an effortlessly cool look.

  3. 3. A Crisp Button-Down

    From Wall Street executives to the effortlessly-chic Olsen twins, a crisp button-down is perfect for class, running errands or meeting up with friends for dinner. This versatile piece is also great for layering under sweaters and will fit under a variety of coats, making it the perfect top for everyday wear and the holiday upcoming season.

  4. 4. Comfortable Flats

    Along with your black ankle boots, a comfortable pair of flats are a necessity for every New Yorker. Whether they’re loafers, ballet flats, sneakers or lace-up brogues, these shoes will make life so much easier with all of the walking done in the city.

  5. 5. A Chic Overcoat

    Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you have to compromise style. Stay warm and stylish on the city streets in a chic overcoat! Offered in a variety of colors, silhouettes, and patterns, an overcoat is another great layering piece and is the perfect finishing touch to your fall/winter outfit.

While these pieces may seem to be obvious fall and winter choices, I’ve noticed that a lot of outfits in the city are based around staple wardrobe items. How these seemingly standard pieces become so chic is the way that they’re put together, which all comes down to the individual’s personal style. With a solid group of basics in your wardrobe, as well as your unique styling tactics, you’ll always have that “city-chic” look like a true New Yorker.