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It’s Women’s History Month, so that means it’s time to celebrate and praise all the women who have done the most, who have influenced many, and who have accomplished so much. Now we should be doing this every day, but this month calls for even more celebration. Whether it be a mom, aunt, grandma, friend, teacher, or mentor, all women deserve some applause. Here are my reflections on the most influential women in my life, and how they have changed my life for the better each day that they are in it to their own capacities. 

My mom, oh where to start with my mom. For starters, I still call her mommy because that’s what my sister and I called her when we were younger and it has still just stuck with us. She is the most charismatic, loving, wonderful, caring, enthusiastic, and understanding person on this planet, and I couldn’t love her any more than I do at this moment. In 1996, when my parents were dating, my dad made the decision to join the Air Force. My mom then told him she wouldn’t follow him around the world as his girlfriend. So he proposed and thus brought a whirlwind of life for my mom, taking her away from all she had ever known, but she went into it wholeheartedly and made such an amazing life for not only her and my dad, but for me and my sister as well. She raised me to be a strong, independent, empathetic and resilient young woman and has helped me more than I could ever count so far in my life. When I lived with her before going away to college, I had a strong bond with her, as much as it could be living under the same roof. But now that I am not there anymore, our bond has become stronger, and I am so grateful for it. I will Facetime her almost every day just because I miss her, and I want to tell her good news or just keep her up to date with my life. I even FaceTime her to get her opinion on an outfit or to help me pick one out in general. I love our calls so much and always look forward to them. A mother’s job is never done apparently. Aside from being the best mom ever, she is also extremely talented, driven, and hardworking. She is an extremely gifted professional photographer that never ever disappoints her clients, everyone loves her (as they should). She is a fantastic planner, for example when we lived in Europe, she planned all of our trips and she was phenomenal at it. We always had the best itineraries and people truly told her that they would pay her to plan their trips as well because of how amazing ours always looked and were. She is a talented designer, designing everything from scratch in each of our homes that we have had to live in due to the fact that we used to move every 5 years. We have a friend that is desperate to have my mom design her apartment, and my mom is excited to help her. I truly could celebrate my mom every day. I could not be any more grateful to have her in my life as my mom and also for what she has given me. 

My sister Alex, well for starters she is my best friend in the whole world. She is also my roommate and it’s always funny to me when I tell people that not only is she my roommate but she is also my best friend as well, they give me crazy looks, and say “how on earth is that possible to get along so well with your sibling like that, I could never.” I think one aspect of it is that we are 3 years apart, with her being older. This has bonded us in many ways for the better. I can go to her with any issues or tea and we can either usually relate or she can give me good advice that really helps me out. I love her to death. She is so fun, enthusiastic, loving, caring, considerate, hardworking, and kind. I love having her as a role model in life because she’s a pretty darn good one. We stick by each other’s sides no matter what and always have each others’ backs. She honestly impresses me every day because not only is she excelling in pursuing her dream of becoming a managing editor in publishing grad school at NYU of all places, but she is also excelling in her extremely fun part-time job and in her personal relationships. I always hear fun stories about her hanging out with friends or going on dates and it makes me so happy for her and all her endeavors in her fun-filled 24th, almost 25th year of life. Especially living here in NYC, you have to take advantage of what it has to offer. Like I said about my mom, celebrating my sister is also a really easy and fun thing for me to do. 

My besties, yes there are a few of them and it would be so hard for me to pick just one or two to talk about. I have some from high school still, even some from middle school, and then most definitely from college as we speak. It really warms my heart because even after all these years for a lot of them, I have been able to keep in touch with a lot of them and still maintain many close relationships. They have helped me become the woman I am today in so many ways. Ways such as being able to let my guard down easier with people and become closer with them. I can be my authentic self around them, and with this, I have learned to be more confident and sure of myself and how I am. I feel so much more comfortable and loved, truly. I could celebrate them every day too and it makes me so happy and grateful to have them in my life as they are. Much love and appreciation always for them. 

Appreciate and celebrate the women that you love, admire, and have influenced you in so many ways, now and always. A lot of what has happened in your life leading up to today wouldn’t have happened without them being a part of it. 

Double Major in Digital Journalism & Cinema, Television & Emerging Media with a Minor in International Studies NYC I'm always asked where I'm from and my answer should just become "all over the place" because I have moved so many times.
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